For Sale Factory Clear Sports Flyscreen excellent condition used

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    Factory Clear Sports Flyscreen excellent condition 2nd hand screen with a new in box fork fixing kit.

    Au$280 + box fork fixing kit $100 + postage = $380 + postage.
    Save Au$156 all up with fork fixing kit.

    Au$392.89 plus postage from Triumph Australia.

    Sport Screen | Triumph Motorcycles

    Now available with or without Brand new Triumph OEM fork fixing kits, as I suppose many of you already have a large Roadster, Classic, Summer or even an aftermarket screen like a Clearview so do not need another fork fixing kit to swap to this Clear Sports flyscreen with just an easy 4 bolts on and off.

    These are Au$143.20 here in Oz. Mine are Au$100 with the kits above.

    Front End Fixing Kit | Triumph Motorcycles{5AA4AE93-0BBA-437D-8900-B1C5D7DEBE08}&selectedBikeModel={B9FAD05F-BED9-4941-8812-C14383D6A28C}&selectedBikeVariant={8DAD35EA-FD4B-4680-AC19-5148D2D27536}&keyWord=&resultsLimit=32&CategorySelection=000000000
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