1. Mike Rocket


    Can anyone tell me if you can remove the Alternator rotor without this tool. T3880201 Rotor Brace. ie. Can you lock it up by other means. Thanks
  2. VABird

    Want to Buy Alternator rotor removal tool

    Does anyone in USA have one that they'd like to sell or lend? T3880200 It fits T-Bird or R3 Please PM me.
  3. VABird

    Alternator rotor removal tool

    Does anyone in USA have one that they'd like to sell or lend? T3880200 It fits T-Bird or R3
  4. J

    Want to Buy Alternator Puller Tool

    Hi all! Looking to buy or rent the alternator puller tool PN: T3880200 Please pm me price. Shipping to Aurora, CO 80017. Paypal preferred
  5. J

    Alternator puller tool request

    Does anyone have the tool for the alternator puller PN T3880200 I don't want to cough up 70 bucks for a new one... there's a second tool PN T3880201 that's not needed but would be nice to have as well. Will purchase or pay for shipping. Thanks for reading!
  6. El Bruto

    Alternator puller tool picture

    Has anyone got a picture of the puller tool used to remove the alternator.. I have to split my crankcase, and need to make a tool to remove the alternator.. looks like a rounded off bolt?? the spares manual isn't detailed enough but I'm sure I can make one if I can see a decent pic of one...
  7. theharleydr

    Bad Voltage Regulator ...OR?

    Voltage regulator tested bad, replaced, still no charge. New full battery, the service manual tells how to check ACV output which proved to be in spec, BUT.., a grounded stator will show good ACV output until loaded. As soon as you are connected and running you are loading the stator. Thus dim...
  8. Micksan

    Alternator Output

    I was trying to track down a electrical bug. At about 3200RPM I am reading 13.25 at the battery. This is after the bike has been running on idle for about 5 minutes. Most of the bikes I have been familiar with put out about 14 to 14.5 VDC
  9. G

    Alternator removal???

    Have you had your alternator off yet?? In the middle of the upgrade kit and need to know how to release the taper lock on the stator once the bolt is removed. There is another "special" tool that looks like the same bolt with maybe a pointed end and a shoulder. What have you used??? Thanks for...
  10. HeR3tic

    Alternator overload

    Is it common or not, that is the Question: This applies to a particular segment of the population of Captains and only those that have the OEM auxiliary lights. Does anyone with such lights have an indication of alternator overload (dimming with RPM variances).
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