1. youzguyz

    12v switched pick off

    I am in need of a place to pick up 12v when the motorcycle is turned on ONLY. Somewhere under the seat would be best. I don't need much current. All the fuses in the fuse block have 12v present all the time. Suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Stillserving

    Speedo switched to Km....

    Had the gauges out/disconnected the other day and was fiddling under the tank, swapping out the cam cover gasket and installing some mods. Back on the road and noticed today, the odo and tripometers are both in Km now, as is the distance to empty. I'm at work and don't have my books, anyone...
  3. Anomaly

    Switched running power

    I was thinking last night, is there a switched power source that is only on once the bike is running? For instance, the tail light comes on with the bike in the ON position, but the radiator fan only comes on once the bike is running. I could tap the fan and use it to trigger a relay, but was...