1. Hendy

    Odometer Problem

    Went out for a run yesterday, odometer showing 15222 miles. Returned 2 hours later and odometer read 243576!!!! Anyone had this problem?
  2. Animal666

    Can't reset odometer

    I just bought a R3 2004 and therefore new to this forum thing, but I have a problem with the odo meter on my R3. I can't reset or switch between moeds using the reset knob. I did everything according the manual. When I turn on the Bike I can see for a split second Trip 1 on my ODO but what ever...
  3. PWGR3

    Oh no! Another Odometer issue!

    Hi, ok I did read through posts but I'm still kinda wishie washie. The Odometer was working when I bought the bike. But now it does not. I can't get it to work in neutral key off. Both the speed and rpm sweep. Back lights work. Idiot lights work but not the Odo. I've unplugged and replugged...
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