1. gadget_ho

    First ride review

    So the day after riding my new Rocket 3 R the 30km home from the dealer, I strapped on the GoPro and collected my thoughts. And made a video if you’re interested… 😏-> First Ride
  2. Louballs

    California Scientific Windshield Review

    Hey Everyone, I got around to installing the California Scientific clear windshield last weekend on my GT. The install was extremely easy and took maybe 5 minutes. I DID use some blue locktite as some extra security since you are only supposed to hand tighten the screws. I did about 100 miles or...
  3. Boog

    2021 BMW R-18 Review

    3-13-2021 I test rode the 2021 BMW R18 today. The base price start in the high $17K range and goes up over $20K plus. I rode the “First Edition” model that starts at $19K. BMW has two primary R18 bikes, the more basic model and the bagger. From what the salesman tells me, the Bagger has a wind...
  4. Boog

    2021 Indian Springfield Dark Horse review

    3-13-2021 I test rode the 2021 Indian Springfield Dark Horse today. This one has the 116 ci. If you want the regular Springfield, you get brighter colors and it cost $500 less. The dealership was having a demo of it and the BMW R19. In reality though, these two bikes are not easily comparable...
  5. Phenix3939

    Top Gear - Triumph Rocket R review: does a crazy 2,500cc bike work?

    Here's a pretty funny and accurate review of our bike from the boys at Top Gear. https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/rocket-3/first-drive Bet bit: What’s it like to ride? Intimidating at first, mainly because there’s so much of it. The fuel tank is the size of a Barbadian twerking champion...
  6. Telg1

    Power Bronze review of items

    Just received my order from Powerbronze, light tint powerblade screen, Headlamp protectors, Hugger, Front fender extender. The Powerblade screen was easy to fit and comes with low and high screen, i have fitted it with the high screen and it looks very nice have not ridden bike with it yet but...
  7. Larry_M

    Just a tip / mini review

    Bought a Schuberth C3 Pro yesterday. Local dealer had them on sale. Now i have always thought "Schuberth, yeah they're only for police and old geezers on BMW's eating hot dogs at bike rallies with helmet still on" Wrong.. It's a very nice helmet! It fits extremely well, it's as quiet as my...