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Apr 10, 2023
Newcastle, NSW, Australia
2020 R3R
New to R3's, I have never run Avon tyres before.
Having had Sports bikes, I have been a fan of Michelin and Pirelli.
I am finding the Avon Cobra Chrome, as fitted oem, to be an excellent performer.
I was intrigued as to what the Snakeskin pattern was all about.
Trying to find out, online, I came across this review.
Very good write up, not your usual "sponsored by the manufacturer" type of review.

Now, if only they were readily available. Lol.


Torque junkie
Dec 14, 2022
2020 Rocket 3R
Last week I picked up a 2" chipboard screw in my rear tyre. (Avon CC's)

Sooo....I was having my rear tyre plugged at my local bike shop and as I was waiting to get served during pickup I was looking at a consignment of various tyres that had just been delivered and were cluttering up the rather compact shop floor area.
I spotted my repaired wheel and tyre and then noticed a brand new Rocket sized Avon CC amongst the new tyres ( Not difficult to spot, are they...).

I mentioned to the shop owner that I had spotted the new 'Rocket tyre' and asked whether or not they were difficult to get hold of these days. He said that there was a supply issue for a short time because Avon had recently been sold to some foreign company (think he said Chinese??...can't remember).
He reckoned that the new owners were doing a lot of restructuring and were looking to cut some of it's tyre range and hinted that the Cobra Chromes might be phased out in that process.
Don't know how true that is, but I thought it was a bit concerning.

Anybody have the real/latest story on the subject?