1. Wdugan9080

    Hi new here 08' R3T with TOR's and airbox K&N

    New to me 3 months ago, Looking for more power got got 20368.hex installed, Seem's rich, just adjusted TPS, and Secondary TPS, and Idle stepper motor, sprayed some cleaners in map sensor, and TB cleaning, and ran fuel injector cleaner thru 18 gal's of gas 1oz/gallon at a time, runs fine, just...
  2. Todd salive

    Hi does anyone out there have a good Power commanderV fuel Map for a 09 R3T with K&N , cat delete and D&D pipes

    Hi does anyone have a good fuel Map for a R3T with K@N , cat deleted and D&D pipes
  3. Radz94

    TuneECU v2.5.5

    TuneECU v2.5.5 . I have a 2006 rocket iii and just installed K&N Filter and stock exhaust. Can run diagnostics and some tests. Can't seem to see or load maps. Thinking TuneECU v2.5.5 will work. I am running v2.5.8. just getting started as a horsepower junkie
  4. Sofakingmean1

    Install 3 K&N kit question

    K&N High Flow Air Box Eliminator Kit for Triumph Rocket III Online from Pure-Triumph.com K&N High Flow Air Box Eliminator Kit for Triumph Rocket III Online from Pure-Triumph.com This set is different from the RamAir set...there isn't a relocation wire for the intake sensor.... .....my...
  5. Son_Of_Dog

    K&N Big Cones

    I'm having a hard time finding this kit anywhere... K&N Intake Kit for Triumph Rocket III So I have a few questions. Can I fit the big cones in the kit above in any other airbox eliminator kit? Has anyone tried this? I'm thinking about the Ramair kit specifically, or maybe this one: K&N...
  6. mickm7

    For Sale for sale k&n filter,200ks on it

    near brand new k&n tb-2204 for sale make me an offer..done 200 ks will post your expense
  7. Kevin frazier

    **SOLD** K&N filter

    underseat filter used a few hundred miles, very clean 20.00 if somebody needs if that’s too much just tell me no problem, I was just gonna buy some more bourbon that’s all
  8. Hemi_Guy

    **SOLD** K&N RU-2780 (3)

  9. justyn heath

    ram air v k&n

    hi all i have ram air on my touring but im thinking about putting k&n pods on, the big question is what is better and what do you do with the I,A,T sensor on the k&n pods, and is there a kit for them. thanks
  10. Ishrub

    For Sale # pipe TORs and cat free crossover with K&N underseat filter

    Not mine this time! Ready 1-2-3 On Gumtree in Brisbane, Qld, Australia Au$480 (US$336) https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/brisbane-city/motorcycle-scooter-accessories/triumph-rocket-iii-exhaust-system-tor-/1209462252?ea=11124893&utm_source=trigger&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=saved_search
  11. beachpatrick

    2013 R3R Tune – K&N Triple Filters & Carpenter Pipe

    2013 R3R with triple K&N filters and Carpenter Pipe. Closest Tune ECU map for baseline? Bike also has PCV. Need a map for this as well. Anyone out there willing to share something close? Cable will be here late this week. Want to get the two maps loaded, then dyno to make adjustments. I...
  12. Jvheli

    K&N RX4040-1

    Gents, I found them on Amazon for $49.43. Thats a pretty good price if youve been looking.
  13. Stillserving

    Looking for a tune for Roadster w/ K&N, TORS and Viking crossover

    Looking for a Tune for Tune ECU for my '17 Roadster with triple K&Ns, TORS, and a Viking crossover pipe. Anybody have one?
  14. Jallen3.14

    Chrome oil filter cover on K&N?

    Just did my first oil change - what a breeze! Other than the fact that I referenced the wrong parts fiche engine number so I had the wrong crush washers and had to reuse the old ones. I used a K&N filter and wasn't able to get the chrome cover back on. I didn't spend much time with it as I have...
  15. Simon Fioretti

    K&N filter for air senor necessary

    hey Team, I know this has been talked about quite abit but couldn’t find a definite answer. I’m replacing my ramair filter with 2780’s is it necessary to put an extra filter over the air sensor or can I get away with zip tying it in the middle of first and second filter? Much appreciated in...
  16. Mattspain

    R3 Touring K&N

    Hi could anyone tell me the biggest K&N filters I can fit on a rocket touring. I dont want them under the bearclaw and I want them big. I like to tinker and can make adjustments. Can anyone help?
  17. CrzystghndKC

    I think I am really doing it this time!

    Ok I bought basically all the K&N filters needed to remove the air box on my 05 Rocket off a salvage site. I even got an extra temp sensor, but the crankcase filter was unavailable. Can anybody give me a filter # so I get the right size? I would much appreciate it.
  18. Bob R

    For Sale (Sold) K&N Filter Set (5 filters)

    Just like it says. 3 K&N RU 2780 filters 1 Crankcase breather filter 1 Filter to place your ATI sensor into so it can be mounted. All brand new and never opened. Let's call it an even 125 dollars + 13.50 for priority shipping in CONUS/APO/FPO. Outside the US or HI and AK 100 dollars +...
  19. Bigpete

    K&N filters

    What happens to the air sensor when you fit K&N filters ? I have a ramair at the moment but thinking of going to K&N's
  20. Journeyman

    Vacuum hose cap question

    Hello gents- so the answer to this must be in a post somewhere, but ****ed if I can find it. I just pulled the stock air box and plan to install K&Ns. I've also removed the charcoal canister. Now I'm ready to cap off the vacuums on the intakes, but I have questions. Standing on the right side...