2013 touring

  1. Jay

    Want to Buy Found Right Hand Exhaust Catbox Chrome Cover for 2013 Touring

    Found. Fellow Rocketeers, I am looking for the right hand chrome cover that goes over the cat box/cross-over tube to fit a 2013 Rocket Touring. It is part number T2209105 and is the same part among all touring models from 2008 - 2016. I had bought a chrome cover recently and the seller...
  2. Jay

    **SOLD** Jack-Be-Quick Adapter

    I am looking to buy a Jack Be Quick adapter. Not to detract from supporting a fellow forum member, but I am also all about reuse rather than letting things go to waste. So I want to check here first before I put in an order. As such, if anyone has a JBQ lift adapter laying around that fits...
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