led headlight

  1. Prestaged

    LED Headlight: Stupid Question

    I bought a 7" LED headlight for the 2008 R3T. It will plug right in and seems to work fine. But it came with what looks like an adapter or relay that has LED/CANBUS stamped on it. Do I need to use this as well?
  2. Hoppa

    For Sale Moto Lights Australia - LED Headlights

    Hey Guys, My business Moto Lights Australia supplies quality LED Headlights and Products for your ROCKET - www.motolights.com.au To receive a 5% Discount (R3owners members only) email - sales@motolights.com.au or call Hoppa on 0499 945 501 Click on this link for more info - TRIUMPH...
  3. uforocket3

    The Best accessory you have bought..

    And it's been endless over the years BUT I just installed a LED headlight for my RT3 .. FARKKKKKKK !! My new favourite
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