adaptive headlights

  1. brsmits

    Adaptive headlight on Trinity, great for Yosemite back roads!

    Been a while since I posted an update. Winter has been a bit funny. Bought a jeep wrangler and am going to swap my morimoto super 7 into the wrangler and finally got an jw speaker adaptive 2. Plug and play. Matches the other two now too. Cant wait for the pass to open up so I can give it a...
  2. ransan

    Want to Buy JWS Adaptive Headlights

    A pair of JW Speaker Adaptive 1 5.75 led headlights. 1olbull had a set for sale a few weeks ago but I was to late.
  3. goncallf

    Adaptive LED Headlights - JW Speaker

    Hi guys, I'm thinking to buy a JW Speakers adaptive Headlights, but i have some doubts about the installation. The first thing I want to ensure is that I do not have to cut wires, because mots are coming and i want to keep it simple if i have to go back for a MOT inspection every year. Second I...