relay kit

  1. JudgeMontrose

    Do I need keyless ignition and a headlight relay kit on a '14 Roadster?

    Hey all, I have a '14 Roadster, which I ride in all weather. Should I get the Eastern Beaver headlight relay kit and a some sort of ignition upgrade, or were those issues solved by my model year?
  2. goncallf

    squaredeals relay kit

    Anyone have a feedback from these relay kit?? s
  3. ricochet

    [aged out] Eastern Beaver Dual Headlight Relay Kit

    Hi Everyone! I've sold my rocket about a year ago and noticed that I still have an unopened, sealed and fresh eastern beaver relay kit for the Rocket Roadster. I live in Canada, so if there are any Canucks that need this kit, save on shipping from overseas... Is $40 reasonable? You pay...
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