1. DaveTS

    New R3R in Wisconsin

    Hi all Got my 2020 with all of 300 miles. What a blast!! Look forward to learning a lot from this forum. Dave
  2. Bstang21

    Hello to all from Wisconsin!

    Hey guys! Just picked up a 2007 R3 for a steal! Currently not running, but give her some time and she’ll come around lol Looking forward to all the shared knowledge here -Brad
  3. WisconsinRocket

    Hello from Wisconsin

    Hi guys. Last year at the end of the season I bought a 09 R3T. The next day I bought a '11 R3T. All with permission from the wife! Anyway I wanted the 09 which is the two tone blue and used the 11 just to swap parts between the two. Just the windsceen, seat, and some of the chrome. I am...
  4. House of Payne

    Hello from Wisconsin!

    Just bought a '14 Rocket III Touring with only 1,470 miles. I've never owned a machine with a dry sump engine, so am a little hesitant when checking oil. I usually do more reading than posting and after not having a bike for quite a while, this will be a steep learning curve. Again. I am looking...
  5. Jvheli

    Dyno tuner Wisconsin

    Thought I'd post here. Milwaukee Indian has a dyno operator that a) tunes other makes and b) speaks Tuneboy. (He's a former Ducati tech) I plan on using them. I will post feedback after my bike is tuned.
  6. A3rik

    Maybe a long shot, but did anyone recently sell/ trade-in an R3 in Wisconsin?

    I've finally received the R3 I bought from a dealership in WI, and it's had a fair bit of work done to it. I figure it'd be great to get more info if the previous owner happened to be a member. Anyone recognize their old bike in this pic?