great rides

  1. dragonjocky

    a few great rides in the TN, NC mountains

    I just led a four day ride though the mountain country in the area. Had a great time and even encountered another Rocket III rider at the stop in Shady Valley, mid way through the Snake (Rt 421). We rode- Day 1: Rt 42,1 Lexington to Boone NC Day 2: The Blue Ridge Pkwy, Boone to Cherokee, then...
  2. Boog

    Gettysburg Bike Week July 7-10, 2016

    Brothers and sisters, time is getting close for this year's event in Gettysburg. Here is the link: Gettysburg Bike Week in Gettysburg, PA Quite Riot and Marshal Tucker are the big names coming this year but the whole music line up sounds awesome. For me, this is a tough week as it is the week...
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