1. Rocket Scientist

    Rear wheel bearings, my take

    I recently removed my back wheel for tire replacement and low and behold my wheels bearing are bound up again. I've been reading about people shortening the spacer. I don't agree. I've attached a drawing from All Balls on bearing installation with spacer. In the drawing the "fully seated...
  2. sonny

    Swingarm bearings

    Should you replace them at 68,000 miles? The bike is going to get torn down due to a little transmission problem and was thinking while we are at it to replace that to. Any input would be appreciated.
  3. ken

    need of a set of front wheel bearings

    Could anyone point me in the direction of the best wheel bearing manufacturer thanks in advance
  4. Doc Roc

    Dampener shaft bearings

    Does anyone have a photo tutorial of how the change the dampener shaft bearings I cannot access bigern2300's photos?
  5. 1olbull


    Front & Rear Wheel Bearings for the Rocket (both Roadster and Touring). Many of us have had to replace these, including myself (3 rear wheel sets so far in 53K miles). I have finally measured out the bearings. In an attempt to help ameliorate the apparent confusion in researching & ordering...
  6. Boss man

    Rear wheel bearing replacement...

    Just checking on this cause the manual is vague. I have the rear wheel off, the seal and snap ring removed.. I first tried to use a blind bearing pulled to pull the bearing from tithe hub and gave up. I presume I can press them straight thru the hub? What centers the spacer sleev as it looks...