steering damper

  1. Have you ever felt the need for steering dampers on the Rocket 3?

    Hi guys I'm thinking about purchasing 2023 Rocket 3, however, I wanted to know have you guys had any situation with Rocket 3 where you experienced death wobble/tank slapper due to lack of steering dampers?
  2. Chariot

    Advice wanted on good steering damper to fit to a 2016 R Trike

    I want to upgrade the steering damper on my trike. Not sure what I have as it hasn't got a manufacturers name on it, only 5 clicks adjustment. Was thinking of Hyperpro or possibly Ohlins. What mounting clamp etc. I have just ordered a Hyperpro 140 with offset 35 degree clamp. Hoping this will...
  3. Claviger

    Steering Damper Report

    NHK ODM 3000 E is the family of Damper I'm playing around with. I finally had a chance to get out and ride since my exhaust came back. I wish I could say... WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I rode with set at full tight, 4 clicks in, and 0 clicks in (7 total positions, 6 clicks). Full loose to full...
  4. ThingKing

    Steering damper kits wanted!

    After 13 years of Rocket history, I am amazed that there is still no steering damper kit, at all. It doesn't have to be from a mass manufacturer - I am talking about companies like TTS, CES Racing or expert blokes like Dain, who do small series of outstanding parts for the Rocket. Really, I...