1. Eric R.

    Metzeler Garbage

    I am just amazed that they can sell such a crap tire. This is what mine looks like after a whopping 7000 easy miles. No wonder my handling went to hell.
  2. bebsy

    Uneven wear metzeler

    I know metzeler have a reputation for wear but i only got half out of mine on one side!!!!...or is my frame bent lol..only thing i can put it down to is low pressure and the camber in the road....could i be wrong?
  3. TheRedBaron

    For Sale Part Worn Metzeler Tyres

    Selling as a pair of part worn Metzeler tyres, front and rear, for collection from Cannock, Staffordshire. The Rear has a pop rivet spline in it still, so will need plugging. Under 600 miles of use. The Front has no issues. Under 1,000 miles of use. Any interest?
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