1. Dogsknowwhy

    Too many people, really their everywhere!

    SoCal when it's cold, it's still ride weather / just to many people, really their everywhere!
  2. tgessner

    Why are people selling their Rockets?

    Ok, I get it: We buy toys, own them for a while and sell them again. I used to do that with the bikes I owned: Bought a shiny new ride, rode it for a year or two and then sold it again. Because a new, more shiny toy came along. The Rocket, I thought, is a different thing altogether. Certainly...
  3. Steel

    Who Needs Reindeer

  4. Tattoomick

    Well people my rocket is going

    I have some bits and bobs that I will be selling once my rocket has gone , I will only post to UK or collection in person ,
  5. Waconut

    Two kinds of people

    Ran across this and thought it was great. Sent it to a buddy who's a Guzzi guy just to pick on him. Got quite the response lol. Thought you all would enjoy it. Like a lot of you I've been riding for too many years to think about and have owned different brands over the years, but Triumph has...
  6. scot in exile

    People are screwed Up

    What is all this sh*t about people wanting to fly with animals and using the story that they are emotional support animals:banghead: some people just need a good hard kick in the nuts, in fact if this becomes a normal thing I will be taking my emotional support baby with me from now on.
  7. cootertwo

    Good People in this world

    Well, this morning I took my new to me 05 Rocket to the Diner for breakfast. I had the gas tank off, and apart to change the filter. Filled it up when finished, and rode around a bit. Low fuel light came on yesterday, and I thought way too soon, probably bent the float rod when installing. No...
  8. skydog1000

    You have to love Oklahoma people

    You have to love Oklahoma politics and people. Just ask Siri who owns Ohio stadium. She will tell you Baker Mayfield Oklahoma Sooners quarterback owns Ohio stadium. :D
  9. BigNorm

    Any Go pro people here?

    I've been playing with the idea of starting my own blog website and posting videos or portions thereof rides I take. That being said I know nothing of website development or using go pro or live streaming. It would be a project but I feel it is something I would enjoy. Any help would be...
  10. ChicagoRocket

    That moment people realize they dun screwed with the wrong bike!

    Hey Gang, Hope all of you had a glorious winter! Not too bad here in the burbs of Chicago, matter of fact our winter barely had any snow at all! Plenty of rain/cold the last 2 months though... I finally was able to take my 16 roadster out this past weekend. It was beautiful, 70 and sunny...
  11. Rick Morris

    Good People

    I have to say that in the past year on this forum I have had the pleasure to correspond with some very good people. I truly hope to meet some of these good people in the future. Today I had a Rocket Captain send me some very good information that I will certainly try to capitalize on. Over the...
  12. xian

    Hi R3 People

    Newbe to this forum. I use the short form xian for Christian (like xmas for Christmas). Lazy or efficient? Live in Québec just south of a village called Napierville, about 17 minutes north of Champlain, NY. Bought a 2006 R3 in 2014, bike year based on budget and it's awesomeness. Clearly a...