1. Rock_RFlordia

    DynoJet Tuner 2020 Rocket

    I see that DynoJet has a tuner for the 2020 Rocket 3, for $350. It is totally seperate from the ECM. Has anyone looked into it? On a side note, I got the DNT tune and after all the hype I was expecting a big noticrable diferrence. I do see the ref limit is now above 7k but other than that??? Im...
  2. NotSoHiddenFox

    In favor of the 2.5L pannier mounts.

    You can do this with them. Those Kriega loop things for off road bikes that you drill into the bodywork work pretty well on the mounts. You'll just have to find a longer screw to make up for the addition thickness created by the loops. Just make sure you remove everything but the rubber from...
  3. Antek

    Do Triumph Rocket 3 2.5L engines sweat?

    Historically the old Harley engines were known to sweat and even my VROD engine sweats a little oil, however nothing like what I am seeing on my R3 engine, both pictures are taken underneath the engine at the rear wheel. Is this normal? Or did the service tech just do a bad job of cleaning?
  4. EskimoPie

    Larger wind screen for 2.5L Rocket

    Hey all, I'm loving my new Rocket so far, but I'd like to find a way to increase comfort at freeway speeds (70+ mph). I'm a pretty tall guy and with the upright seating position on the GT, I really take a lot of wind in the chest. The little GT windscreen doesn't really seem to do anything...
  5. R-III-R Turbo


    "THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT" 2.5L (2472cc) Stroker Package Want a bigger engine and way more torque than the new Rocket 3? Add 10% BHP and 12.5% Ft Lbs to your engine, throughout the entire RPM range. No trade-offs! Premium performance parts, all manufactured in the USA and...