1. sunny

    Fastest quarter mile 2.5L rocket

    Wheelies @10.7 run
  2. Hubguru

    Fastest Bike I've Ever Riden

    Hey Folks, Just wanted to document my thoughts. First of all, I ride a Carpenter Racing 210+ R3R, fantastic, powerful, makes me smile on a regular basis. A buddy of mine recently picked up a Kaw H2 Supercharged with Brocks performance upgrade 240+ RWH on a 500 lb super sport. Were out riding...
  3. Journeyman

    Is This 750 HP Suzuki the World's Fastest Street Bike Down the Quarter-Mile?

    6.3@233MPH on a street tire and 60-130MPH in just 1.4 seconds! Check this.... https://www.autoevolution.com/news/is-this-750-hp-suzuki-the-world-s-fastest-street-bike-down-the-quarter-mile-152206.html#agal_0