1. David

    Bridgestone Tires

    Has anyone gone with Bridgestone Tires? Can't find Avon Cobra's and had a shop suggest going to Bridgestone using a 240/55-16. I see Bridgestone Exedra Max has one that size and just wondering if anyone has gone to this since about $100 cheaper than Metzler or Avon.
  2. maurice

    EXCEDRA Bridgestone Rear not for 2020

    Bike shop installed, said not enough clearance for fender. I knew profile smideon taller but thought ok. Put old tire back and ordered rip off chrome. I was not willing to cut half inch off fender. Mechanic tried my suggestion of adding spacer on fender screw, but still not enough. Probably...
  3. vindex1963

    Rear Bridgestone tire

    The Exedra Max or the G852? Search Results
  4. Shane35Fowler

    Bridgestone Battlax BT020?

    Hey y'all I'm new here (have introduction thread) But was wondering if anyone had used the Battlax 020 from the 2000 Kawasaki Vulcan? It's a 200 series rear but I've seen from the forums here its possible to mount . The weight and speed ratings are on par with other offerings and being a Sport...
  5. Dalan

    Bridgestone front tire

    Anybody using this tire for the front with the Excedra max rear? Or with any other rear tire? Bridgestone Exedra G701 150/80R17 Front Tire
  6. captain jack

    Bridgestone none event

    Well the time has come for new skins on the beast & I was up for the front Avon with rear Excedra max. Dealer phones me back to say that Bridgestone have dropped it & no longer produce a rear skin for our rockets. I've checked Avon web site & sure enough there is no Ex. max listed. Back to the...
  7. crashpete

    Bridgestone exedra max

    How does $180 sound for a Bridgestone Exedra max radial rear tire?
  8. Bridgestone tire issues

    Hi all, was about to get the exedra max on the rear after recommendations on this site however dealer said that as the tire is slightly taller it can cause issues with the abs kicking in at random times. Has anyone had this problem before?
  9. Macrider

    Bridgestone Exedra Max

    I need to buy a new front tire for my R3T and I am leaning towards getting a Bridgestone Exedra Max after reading some positive feedback on this forum. However they sell both Radial and Bias tires. Which one should I get? I will be getting the tire from...
  10. phantomjock

    Tires: Metzler vs. Avon vs. Bridgestone

    I've got 30K miles on my R3 and have tried a variety of tires. Wasn't happy with the OEM Metzlers: found that the rear wore out quickly and the front "cupped" early. Tried the Avons and I was much happier. Although the rear didn't last much longer than the Metzler, the front did much better...
  11. zimtuff

    Bridgestone Exedra Max

    I got an Exedra Max fitted the other week for a price of $360 which is the cheapest ever. Although I could still get 3 delivered from the US to my front door for sub $800. Doesnt make sense.
  12. albertaduke


    now anybody to enlighten me on the difference between the exedra max and the ultra high performance exedra G852 they are both made by bridgestone both in R3 sizebut with different threads patterns could they be just the same model
  13. skydog1000

    Bridgestone Exedra Max

    Just ordered me a new Bridgestone Exedra Max 240/55/16 $176.99 :D
  14. BDKcoyote

    Great Price for Bridgestone Exedra Max (in Oz)

    Beaurepaires, Moruya NSW, $335 fitted for a Bridgestone Exedra Max 240/55R 16. Speak to the owner, Chris Nicholson, and mention you're another Rocket owner. Phone 02 44744454.
  15. Bridgestone Exedra Max Awesome

    :D These are awesome tires on my touring WHAT A DIFFERENCE, spoke with Bridgestone before buying and they didn't see a problem. They handle so much better than Metzers AMAZING is all I can say, I will continue using these, they get a rating of AAAA++++;) Bike Bandit has the BEST pricing fast...
  16. Bridgestone Rear Tire 240 55 16

    Hello to all, anyone lnow the specific model tire and hows it working? My metz is bald again
  17. 64Herald

    Bridgestone Exedra Max Radial

    any comments about the Bridgestone Exedra Max Radial. I need a tire and $75 savings sounds good
  18. tsmith

    Which Bridgestone?

    Everyone that likes the brigestone exedra, which one is it? The G852 Exedra or the Exedra Max.:confused: Need a new tire soon.
  19. Rocket Scientist

    Bridgestone Excedra

    Just replaced my rear Bridgestone. Had 7800 miles on it. Probably would have made it to 9000 but the Maggie valley ride is about 2000 miles altogether for me. At any rate it; (1) Lasted twice as long as a Metzler. (2) Hooks up better. (3) Handled as good or better. (4) Taller profile gives...
  20. johnreeder

    Bridgestone Tire Reps Response

    I was really surprised. I e-mailed Bridgestone to find out why the Rocket wasn't listed since they make the correct size in a radial. I assumed whatever the problem might have been with the recall, they would have fixed it by now. But to my surprise I was told that their tires were not...