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Sep 19, 2018
Vilnius, Lithuania
2005 Triumph Rocket 3
Bought myself second hand hard saddlebags like these Chopper Seitenkoffer LED (Paar) Triumph Rocket III / Classic 33l | eBay from a fellow Rocketier. But it came of the Touring model, and my is a 05 Rocket 3 Classic.

So now on the hunt for the brackets- need advice from you what to go for- for the fixed ones or quick disconnect ones?

Looking at fixed ones like these --> TRIUMPH - Rocket - Saddlebag Support Bars TRIUMPH Rocket (big) - EN - Roadstyler

And Quick Disconnect ones like these Quick Disconnect system for all Triumph Bikes

I would definitely like the quick disconnect ones, my by concern is the rattle noise, that all quick disconnect systems make, will they be sturdy enough and will they sit vertically enough. That is not usaualy such big concern for leather bags.

The fixed one look way more sturdy, but not that flexible to put on and take off.

What are your opinions?
Post your pics of bags on bike and fixing if you got on yours

Thankful in advance


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Mar 24, 2013
Labelle Florida USA
2013, & 2 05's R3R, 2006, 2004 Harley's, 2004 Kaw
I have a similar set of removable ones on my 13 Roadster. Only time I remove them is when I have to take off the rear wheel. And they do occasionally rattle. Just sayin. I have the stock Triumph brackets on my 05, no rattle, but big pain to remove when necessary.;)