1. ciderbaby

    Powder coating

    Got my first service done today and some accessories fitted. I went for panniers and think they look well on the bike. However when they're off I don't like the look of the hangers. Has anyone powder coated them black ?
  2. Bosco15

    Rear wheel. Is powder coat the only difference?

    I am on the hunt for a R3R. Doing my research and finding that the GT & R are the same bike with ancillary changes (bars, peg location, pillion backrest, rear wheel, etc) I much prefer the look of the GT rear wheel. Is it just that the R rear wheel is completely coated and the GT has machined...
  3. scot in exile

    Question about Powder Coating

    The carpenter pipe I have on my 2011 bike was ceramic coated as it gets hot hot hot and did I mention it gets hot. The TORs I have on my 2018 bike(not Wills mine) now can they be powder coated? as we all know the Triumph pipes have terrific heat shields, my question is what heat can powder...
  4. ant

    Powder coating the swing arm..

    Has anyone had the R3 swing arm powder coated. I have removed the swing arm and there are 2 riveted plates with some sort of seal between.I am thinking that i will have to remove the plates and seal before powder coating? Any thoughts please.
  5. ant

    Powder coating recommendations in West Sussex area..

    Looking to have my wheels and a few other parts powder coated. There a couple of companies quite close to me,Vulcan and Autoblast has anyone used one of these in the past and are happy with the service.
  6. leatal

    Powder coating?

    Looking for pictures and reviews of powder coating results on the engine guard and the front end fixing kit. See plenty of wheels and some handlebars but not for what I would like. Thanks
  7. Ishrub

    RIVCO Rack copies in Powder coat Satin Black

    Poking around the Custom Triumph UK website after @barbagris posted some of their stuff. There have been a few clamouring for the original lately. Triumph Custom Parts
  8. scot in exile

    Powder Coating Wheels

    Had my bike down at a guys to get the wheels powder coated alas he could not guarantee that the bike would be ready in time for KY so I will get them done after Stearns:mad:
  9. Landstar

    Backrest powder coat

    Back from powder coater... Chrome Bad:thumbsdown:
  10. Landstar

    Powder coating windshield brackets

    I had my brackets for my new clear view windshield powder coated, I think it looks more retro. I like the look better, will post again when I find time to install it. Opinions?
  11. Mittzy

    Powder Coating

    well I fell on my feet with Peerless Sandblasting as they sandblasted all the components in the pic and powder coating them all - and done in three days. Bloody good job too. For all the Brissy blokes
  12. Engine Powdercoat Problem

    Engine Powdercoat Problem

    Rear right
  13. Engine Powdercoat Problem

    Engine Powdercoat Problem

    Rear right
  14. Engine Powdercoat Problem

    Engine Powdercoat Problem

    Front right
  15. Powder coated Rivcos

    Powder coated Rivcos

    Powder coated the exhaust covers. They haven't burnt off yet. Measured less that 400 F with temp gun. He cures powder coat at 450 F