1. BigNorm

    Norm's T Bars

    These are being built as I am writing this. Totally custom for me. My idea being put together by my friend and fabricator Eric aka Dr. Smash. I'm very excited.
  2. BigNorm

    Custom t bars

    Is the guy who was making these still making them? Norm wants to know.
  3. chandelierman

    T bars

    I have got another small batch of 10 on the go ...... PM me if you want a set ..... lots of pics / details on here already ...£150 for satin black £135 for raw steel can ship worldwide
  4. Coppa

    T Bars question

    Question for those with 1.5" T Bars fitted - If you have the fuel gauge or clock how did you go about re-mounting them, and also the combined switch for the heated grips/fog light. I have a couple of ideas but suspect someone has already had a much better solution Photos would be much appreciated!
  5. chandelierman

    More T bars available

    i am ordering another batch of T bars in satin black powder coat £150 plus shipping (global priority to the US is £85) ... same spec as before 34mm Fat bars ...200 sets already sold worldwide.....a £30 deposit will reserve you a set / only 10 available - I don’t do them in chrome but can supply...
  6. Cruze Ryder


    well captains, havent been on for a long time but thought i'd post some pics of my new build, i have posted some before and after pics as well, enjoy. did all the work myself, except the paint. took her for her first run today, 85KLMS one way, didnt miss a beat
  7. chandelierman

    For Sale T bars

    I have got another 5 sets of satin black T bars available
  8. chandelierman

    For Sale More T bars now in stock

    I have another batch of 10 T bars off for powdercoating next Friday ......5 are already reserved .....these are 34mm Fat bars in satin black
  9. chandelierman

    For Sale More T bars coming soon / ALL SOLD

    My friend who makes the T bars for me is still slack at work so he is making another batch of 10 or 12 T bars ( 50mm frame bars are on the bench aswell ) ... I can take a deposit to reserve you a set of T bars ....we can ship these worldwide
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