Standard Bore
May 31, 2022
Triumph Rocket 3 GT Triple Black
Having recently bought a brand new Rocket 3 GT Triple black with the Triumph Connectivity module from my local dealer, I thought I would invest in the new Cardo 2x which has the JBL speakers. I also bought myself the new Shoei Neotec II helmet as my old was was getting on for 8 years old.

Terrible trouble trying to get it all to work even though ive followed the instructions ( or so I think!). My setup is as follows:

Cardo 2x
iPhone 12 Pro Max
Triumph Rocket 3 GT with connectivity module.

Installed the Cardo 2x into my Shoei (a bit of a pin given these helmets were design for the Sena systems. Anyway, paired the FreeCom and my phone to the bike. Have two ticks against both devices on the bike. My iphone shows two triumph connections in my bluetooth menu on my phone (oddly they are called the same name), one for comms and one for SatNav. I can flick though tracks on Spotify with the joystick but no sound. I hear the cardo saying connected and have the ability to play/pause/skip tracks all full functionality from my joystick but no sound.

Any ideas please..?