1. Darkmatter

    Freecom 2x

    Having recently bought a brand new Rocket 3 GT Triple black with the Triumph Connectivity module from my local dealer, I thought I would invest in the new Cardo 2x which has the JBL speakers. I also bought myself the new Shoei Neotec II helmet as my old was was getting on for 8 years old...
  2. G-Force Junkie

    Freecom 4* Cardo install

    Just traded my flip phone in for a brainy phone to take advantage of some of the new fangled elektronics out there:) Bought a cardo from Fortnine with the JBL 50mm speakers and downloaded the cardo app. Install was fairly easy on my HJCi30. I downloaded spotify and built a great playlist. I am...
  3. Robert M. Münch

    Rocket 3 GT / iPhone / Cardo Freecom 2+ => no navigation announcement

    I once had the setup Rocket 3 GT, iPhone, and Cardo Freecom 2+ running together so that I could use the Triumph app for navigation, see the pictograms on the display, and hear the navigation announcements in the helmet, and could still talk to the pillion passenger. Something changed then, and...