1. germ79

    ** SOLD ** High Quality Speaker System with Bluetooth and Handlebar Remote

    This system was installed on my bike when I bought it last fall. I uninstalled it over the winter, as I'm a helmet guy and listen to music, etc on in-helmet speakers. I tested this out when I first got the bike and they are the best motorcycle speakers I've ever heard. Super powerful, super...
  2. Anomaly

    R3T OEM-Like Saddlebags

    As the title suggests I'm looking for some OEM-like ABS (or preferably fiberglass) saddlebags for my 2015 R3T. I'm wanting to install a stereo system on my bike, but cringe at the very thought of cutting a hole in my factory panniers. Also, as it turns out, my bike is going to be in the shop...
  3. 1olbull

    Technicalities of Stereo Systems on Motors

    I don't have a stereo mounted on my motor; but, would very much like to know the ramifications of having one. Let's have a discussion regarding stereos on motorcycles . . . this ought to be stimulating! Do/would you play rap on your motor stereo? If having stereo music on a motor is a good...
  4. nolton

    Waterproof stereo

    Has anyone tried this little critter? Jensen Radio JHD910 - Waterproof Mini AM/FM/WB/Stereo With Aux-in ATV/UTV $164.99 Sealed design is 100% water- and dirt-proof and features corrosion and UV-resistant faceplate Front panel audio aux-in for use with iPods, MP3 players and portable CD...
  5. left hand controls

    left hand controls

    The thing closest to my left hand is the remote control for the FM/AM/WB/MP3 stereo unit that resides in the trunk - Clarion CMS1. Next to that, to the right, is the GPS - Gramin Zumo660. Chrome TechMounts.
  6. Molinoman

    Cycle Sounds stereo system

    I don't know if many of you have heard of the new "Cycle Sounds" stereo system that is out but I went ahead and took one for the team and installed it on my Rocket. The set up includes a chrome amplifier (50W X's 2), a chrome mounting plate for the amp, an MP3 mounting plate (not much use in my...
  7. Molinoman

    Rumble Road stereo

    Anyone have any thoughts, experiences with the Rumble Road stereo system. It is not an immediate priority, but I may want to eventually put something on the new Rocket that will enable to listen to some tunes on a trip...preferably thru my IPod. I know I won't probably be able to equal the...