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Nov 30, 2006
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Anyone have any thoughts, experiences with the Rumble Road stereo system. It is not an immediate priority, but I may want to eventually put something on the new Rocket that will enable to listen to some tunes on a trip...preferably thru my IPod. I know I won't probably be able to equal the Wing's stereo (80 watts per channel X's 4 with two tweeters), but just enquiring for know.
Or if someone has another vendor for a decent system I would be interested to check it out.
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Maybe I'm a purist, but for the life of me, I can't see why anyone wants to listen to music whilr going down the road on their bike. If you want music, air bags, climate control, etc., get a cage.

The more distractions you have the less attentive you are and that spells disaster on a bike. The last thing I want is to listen to music while I'm biking. The R3 makes all the music I need.:)
If you are not able to listen to music on your bike then you shouldn't listen to music in your car either.

I have found that tunes break up the boredom and monotony on long rides. I actually begin to daydream about crap and find myself paying even less attention to the traffic if I don't have some tunes.

I've seen the Rumble road website, it looks like they have two different versions of speakers, one set with an amp for use with your IPod and one without an amp that would be used with a CD player/ Radio. I was toying with the idea of mounting up a set of these under a Fleetliner fairing somehow, I don't know if they would fit but that would be a pretty slick setup if you could make it happen.

I had an Electraglide I used to ride (a demo from the dealer) that had a decent stereo in it and it was great. I got to the point where I had the thing on constantly, even in heavy in town traffic. I think I probably would go with a Radio / CD setup myself, possibly putting the deck itself in my empty air box and installing the remote somewhere on the bars or tank so I could get to it easily.

I think Pianoman and Piggr both have an intercom communication system that they play tunes through, but the way its set up requires use of earphones. I do believe they can use IPods and have a radio attachment. Pianoman's also has a bike to bike radio which would be handy on those group rides. I probably should let those guys describe what they have. I think I would prefer the Speakers over earplugs, but that's just me. I'm sure it would be easy to adapt the amplified speakers to the intercom system.

We'll let Flip ride around in silence....:roll:
I prefer helmet installed systems to speakers on the bike. I ride with a bunch of guys that all have Ultras with stereos and it is very annoying at stop lights. I would recommend the Autocom system. It is not only a great rider to passenger or bike to bike com system it is great for plugging in anything that makes sound. I have a very small $50 1 gb mp3 player/fm radio that I velcro to the handlebars. Pianoman has satellite radio hooked to his. Downside is you have to mount headphones in your helmet (no drilling though) and plug into the system, but once you get everything installed it is a snap. There is a microphone that also mounts in the helmet that is used for noise canceling and auto volume control.

I too used to think why in the hell would you want to listen to music while riding, but after using it I really like it especially on longer rides, it makes it that much better.
bike to bike

I really like the bike to bike so you can tell your buds which way to look for the women without pointing or yelling.. Jack
If you are not able to listen to music on your bike then you shouldn't listen to music in your car either.

I have found that tunes break up the boredom and monotony on long rides. I actually begin to daydream about crap and find myself paying even less attention to the traffic if I don't have some tunes.

We'll let Flip ride around in silence....:roll:


I wasn't aware that you took long rides... Maybe you should tear the radio out of your dash in your cage so that you may be more attentive to the task at hand, that is driving and doing it safely.

I really hope you aren't a cell phone blabber too. I am reasonably sure you don't put your makeup on going to work, but then again, I'm only reasonably sure.:D

Silence is golden.
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Sorry about the title...... I was into one of my Gabby Hayes modes.

Flip, if I'm ever caught out in public with makeup on..... you can be sure I would have applied it properly at home with my extra large, zooming, magnifying mirror under controlled lighting conditions to be sure the blush didn't over power the mascara. Yes, I probably even blotted as well. Now, back to the subject at hand:

Being a is part of my life and it also pays most of the bills every month so I'm going to make it available to me while riding. Now, after saying that, it doesn't necessarily mean I'll always have it turned on or the volume up so loud I can't hear traffic noise, squealing brakes, horns and other assorted audio simulants. I'm just saying, like Tomo and Pig that it does offer a pleasant alternative to those loud HD pipes as I go screaming by them!

Like Pig, I use Autocom and it handles everything my electrical relays can stand. I chose custom molded ear monitors and they only decrease the external noise by 25 db. The difference is when I'm listening to another rider on the radio, or getting the next vocal instruction from the GPS, I can actually understand what they're saying. Sometimes the ambient noise around me seems to be at the same frequency as the human voice and it all gets jumbled up. Something to do with variable harmonics and some damage to the ear drums in a wild studio session many years ago.

To each his they say but I wanted to let you know my side of the coin.
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Thanks for the different ways of looking at it. I know what you mean by "purist" and riding without music, but the times I want that I just turn the stereo off. I am getting the Rocket because I do want more of a "motorcycle" experience as opposed to the luxury, isolation ride of the Wing. Both machines serve and will serve different types of riding enjoyment for me. The question about the stereo came up because, like Pianoman, when I ride, I would like the option of listening or not listening. For a long trip it is nice to have some tunes to go along with the ride to make the ride more (pick one) liveable, "shorter", or just going down the highway with a great song. On the IPod I have a whole library dedicated to "riding" music, but again if I want silence to just ride I can just turn it off.
Still no answers about the Rumble Road system...I have one picture of a Rocket with one installed, I just don't know from what photo post section I got if from...may have to do a search and pm.
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