1. Big boy

    Factory override for Clutch switch?

    I have been having intermittent starting problems with my big girl and have got this down to the clutch switch. New one now on order. In the mean time I have been at times frustrated and tried twisting pushing and poking to get the ***** to engage, during all this i have come upon and issue...
  2. Sunny side up

    For Sale Rocket 3 Exhaust 1-3 decat bypass

    i purchased this from a custom motorcycle exhaust fabricator in Brisbane. About a week after I ordered and paid for it, a rare raask 3-1 exhaust pipe came up for sale which I also purchased! One has to go- this is brand new! I paid $390.00AU. Will take $350.00 au, buyer pays freight.
  3. RacerX74

    Want to Buy 3 pipe de cat / cat bypass

    3 pipe de cat link pipe thing wanted cheers
  4. late2ride

    Headers plus cat bypass with stock mufflers

    Now I exchanged emails with Richard Albans TTS Performance about the idea of using their headers with a cat bypass and leaving the stock mufflers in place. This would save a little money but also keep the noise down. Has anyone installed headers and bypass? The bypass I was looking at is from...
  5. Stuey

    For Sale 1 into 3 cat bypass

    New in the box Make me an offer
  6. Stuey

    For Sale Staintune mufflers and cat

    Selling my staintune mufflers $600 ono plus postage. Staintune collector for sale too
  7. Hubguru

    Coolant Bypass Tube Crankcase Fitting Leak UPDATE Replace Engine or Cases

    Hi All, I took my 2017 R3R in for the first ~500 miles service checkup to the Triumph dealer. They found a coolant system leak on the crankcase press fitting for the bypass tube under the thermostat housing leaking at the crankcase. They reported it to Triumph to confirm course of action...
  8. evanr


    Stainless steel Pre Roadster decat pipe for sale ...new cost £285 plus post on eBay. Yours for £150 plus postage. Cat bypass by evanr posted Jun 29, 2017 at 4:44 PM
  9. AF_Hans

    Bypass Clutch Safety Switch?

    This 2 handed start is bullsh*t. Does a method exist to bypass the safety switch so that the ECM is not affected and without any other negative consequences? I did search the forum a few times before making this post, but did not find the info. I have considered moving the switch to a new...
  10. ToxIc2300

    For Sale Cat bypass

    100 miles on cat bypass Staintune for 2012 R3Roadster $250 usd plus shipping from Louisiana
  11. Pantera327

    Want to Buy Sissy Bar, Cat Bypass, TOR pipes, Rivco LED turn signals

    I am looking to buy the following used or reasonably priced For my 2005 triumph rocket. short sissy bar cat bypass pipe and or TOR pipes Rivco LED turn signal mirrors License plate side mount