1. Al Burdon

    New Slip on Silencer

    Thanks Paul love it now for a suitable tune. New Slip on by Al Burdon posted Mar 20, 2018 at 6:53 PM
  2. kwimmer

    For Sale Removed from sale 3 silencer system with crossover

    My 2008 Classic has had the system on for a few years. I had the crossover ceramic coated last year and the silencers are in nice condition. I love the look and the sound but am running a Viking header now and Paul is building me a single silencer. Ill send pics , just ask. I'm on the West...
  3. eugene

    silencer stage 1 kit

    just what in accomplished by changing your stock silencers to the stage 1 kit? Just louder? stock pipes where 2200415, 2200414 and 2200420. These came extra with the bike, apparently changed after purchase. pipes on the bike now are A9600233, A9600204, A9600205.
  4. Brenner

    TORS silencer repair

    I have taken advice of the majority of the forum and acquired a set of TORS to upgrade my R3T rather than mod a set of pipes so that I can get to use my ride with no down time. I found a pair looking in nice shape on ebay for the tune of $220 shipped. The pics showed a small scuff on the bottom...
  5. Paul Bryant

    Want to Buy Roadster Silencer mounting Brackets

    Anyone have a pair of Roadster Silencer mounting brackets that are excess to requirements? Contact;
  6. BillB

    Repacking a Reband silencer

    I asked the fine folks at Reband if there was any recommendations they had to quiet down the pipe a little bit. They said that the solution is to pack more fiberglass in the silencer. Being blessed with all the stubbornness of my Scottish/Irish/Australian genealogy on top of my redneck...
  7. Thunderbloke54

    Looking for upper right hand silencer A9600203

    After getting knocked off I need a A9600203 silencer in the UK - any help appreciated.
  8. Evil Mitch

    For Sale Headers and staintune silencers

    Hey everyone i will be selling my ceramic coated stainless headers built by Sam Travelguy with the three staintune silencers as im going for a different look please pm me if you wish to make an offer. pickup is prefered but if someone requires postage it will be at their expense including packaging
  9. Festersvan

    TORS silencers shortened ?

    has anyone got some close up pics or could take some of inside the end of the Tors silensers.would be much appreciated if thinking of getting a set & cutting them down,i like the look of them but too long for me.If theres not too much involved on the inside i can cut them down & make...
  10. cusso ken

    2011 R3T stock Silencers Cats or No Cats

    G'day Fellers I am asking if any one can tell me if the stock 2011 R3T Silencers (cans) hold the Cats or is the Cat in the cross over section ,I have ordered a set of Tors from triumph and wonder if they have cats built into them ,looking up the pipes you cannot see a bloody thing ,and it's only...
  11. Roadster silencers on a classic?

    Do they fit straight on or are the intermediate pipes different? Thanks Simon
  12. R3R Torque

    tune for TOR silencers

    First performance mod... :) Just purchased new in the box TOR silencers from a fellow member and have a couple questions. Only performance changes I'll likely make are the silencers and eventually the cross over pipe. I like the look of the stock exhaust manifold so will likely never change...
  13. Battersea

    TORS Accessory Silencers

    I have a 2009 R3C and am looking to replace the three silencers and cat with a complete Roadster exhaust, this would be from the header back plus TORS silencers. Is there anyone on here that has TORS on their Roadster and can tell me where the "NOT FOR ROAD USE" markings are stamped on the...
  14. accessory "silencers" vs stock cans

    I swapped the louder "accessory" cans back to the standard ones to see what difference there was to the noise. Maybe 25% quieter, but while doing the job I found the standard cans are 4kg heavier (each) than the loud cans, at approx 12kg compared to 8kg for the loud ones, and I guess that must...
  15. cane corso

    silencer upgrade

    I bought my Rocket with Triumph Silencer and I beleave people call them Tor's and it still has the cat. My dealer said if I buy the Silencer upgrade to get rid of the cat it will sound more deeper and louder? and get about 10 more hp? So I asked if I buy the jardine header and did the same set...
  16. av8r4fun

    New Exhaust: Hammer AG Slip-on Silencer

    Has anyone tried these silencers yet?? Was searching and found them. There is a sound file on the website Link Removed I also saw a picture of a R3 with Vance & Hines: Harley Dyna Long Shots?? Any comments on either is greatly appreciated. Ride Safe........
  17. HeR3tic

    Silencer Upgrade Done

    The CAT box is on the shelf. It was rather easy. Maybe 1.5 hours. The "rope" gasket on the header inlet, on the Cat box, did require a bit of coaxing with an ample supply of corrosion buster lube applied; this aspect was the only real time consumer. Had every thing lightly bolted together to...
  18. rusty

    TOR's = Silencers???

    Hey guys, I'm looking at the motorcyclegearshop sight and was focusing on the "Silencers" they are offering. Are they the same pipes refered to as the TOR's? I'm thinking so but don't want to push the "buy" button until completely convienced this is true. I know there has been much...