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Apr 4, 2006
Canada, Toronto
05 Triumph rocket 111
I bought my Rocket with Triumph Silencer and I beleave people call them Tor's and it still has the cat. My dealer said if I buy the Silencer upgrade to get rid of the cat it will sound more deeper and louder? and get about 10 more hp? So I asked if I buy the jardine header and did the same set up would I get just as much hp and Torque as the Jardines and he said yes. What do you guys think?So I started thinking because I like the balance look I asked him if I bought another Silenser exhaust and I put it on the other side would it work. And he said even if I could buy just one more exhaust and have some one bend a pipe and conect it in the silencer upgrade the engine may not get the proper air flow and I could have problems . Is there any one out there that could give me some advice if this could be done? I was told that the Silencer upgrade kit is desinged to give a deeper rumble and more power but adding another port to the Silencer upgrade system for another exhaust might not work the same. And also if I took out the baffals would it be just as loud as the Jadines but sound better? And If I got a tune boy would it get just as much HP and torque as the jardies? Any help on this matter would be great. Thanks
Triumph Silencers

I do not understand all you high tec guys out there not one has not given me any advice on my add above :(
I do not understand all you high tec guys out there not one has not given me any advice on my add above :(

Sorry, but the idea of adding a port to the cat bypass pipe to accommodate 4 Triumph mufflers isn't a good idea. Why waste the money?

The TOR's are the Triumph off-road mufflers. If you already have them, get rid of the cat box and replace it with the bypass pipe. If you still have stock mufflers, it will cost you about $800-900 to get the TOR's and bypass pipe. you can get 140 hp and 150 ft lb of peak torque out of this if you spend another $400 on Tuneboy. You can get a full Jardine system with one muffler on each side for about $800 but you still need to add a PCIII + a custom dyno tune or the Tuneboy or both to supply the needed extra fuel for the freer flowing exhaust.

What is it you're looking for? Looks? Power?
Not only would you have to reconfigure the cat bypass but you would need to fab something to mount the 4th pipe. Anytime I have heard stock pipes drilled out, on anything, they sounded like crap. So I doubt they would sound like the Jardines and I doubt you would get the same hp unless you did some tuning. I would say if you want to spend $400 get the bypass, if you want to spend $800 get the Jardines. But like Doug said be prepared to spend more on a PCIII or Tuneboy.

There's lots of sound clips in the second post here.. Link Removed
I believe that if you look at the stock pipe arrangement (the TOR arrangement too) from the rear of the bike, the left side single pipe is pretty much "centered" (height wise) to the two on the right. Even if you were to get the cat bypass modifed to adapt another pipe, the balance you desire would not be clean cause you would need to alter the single left side pipe in some way to position it either higher or lower, which ever, to allow the additional pipe on the left side. Then, as stated by another captain, you would need to fabricate brackets to affix both left side pipes.

Lots of work! Great results???

I have the Tor's I really wasn't thinking of money just something different I was just thinking if I buy another Tor exhaust and buy the silencer up grade and I pay some one to hook all four exhaust into the silencer up grade and had him make a braket and adjust all the pipes evenly would it work? Or would I be waisting my money because the silencer upgrade should not be fabucated with another pipe? and will not work properly? I was even thinking if I came accross a cheeper pair of Jardine exhaust that got damaged and use the Jardine header .I'm just wondering if this idea would work or will I be waisting my money? I don't care if it cost more then just buying the Jardines just haveing something diferent and that will fuction and sound good .
It will work. You can do any set up you want on and it will work. I imagine the sound of four TORS wouldn't be that much different than three. If you are going to use a Jardine header don't buy the bypass just have a shop build a collector for you.
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I did sound pretty negative with my last comments but the more you throw at this situation Cane, the more interesting it sounds. I can't think of anyone who has presented a Rocket with 4 pipes. Definitly something you would not see anywhere but on your ride.

Keep at it & keep us informed.