Silencer Upgrade Done


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Nov 25, 2006
Heart of Dixie (Alabama)
The CAT box is on the shelf. It was rather easy. Maybe 1.5 hours. The "rope" gasket on the header inlet, on the Cat box, did require a bit of coaxing with an ample supply of corrosion buster lube applied; this aspect was the only real time consumer. Had every thing lightly bolted together to enable wiggle room, including the right side dress up plate, before putting the torque to it all.

So much difference in sound. I'm glad that's done.:D
So HeR3tic, was the cat box bypass the only alteration in the exhaust system you have done? Stock pipes back in place? If so, I also enjoyed the change in the tone but the TOR's are on their way for another change to the sound the Rocket produces. I'm looking forward to mine sounding like Vonbonds Rocket when I'm done. By spring, I should be content.

See ya.
Yes, the stock bologna pipes remain. I'm quite satisfied. I now realize the regular references to the Growwwwl. A big improvement for sure. Just returned from a 50 mile beer run. Awesome. Got to get them Lowers next.

I'm thinking the release from the Cat back pressure has quieted some top end noise. This realized within minutes of cranking up the beast the first time. And the noise remained absent on subsequent starts. Could that be?? Did the ECM make a rather quick adjustment??

Interesting also was the additional time before the fan came on. Air temperature in the mid 60s today whereas previous temps in the mid 40s when a 12 minutes tune was accomplished. It had been a quite regular 8 minutes. Throttle response seems to have remarkably improved.
OEM Silencer Upgrade, at the 50% off deal:D Thanks Pig9r!!! I like the apparent flow pattern. No T-bone dumping into the device; though the Staintune collector volume may be increased, thereby negating that abrupt slowing down of the flow, and diminishing a presumed hot spot. I'd have to see one up close to have a change of mind.

It surely does sound good, without torquing off the neighborhood.
I imagine that 130+ on even a infrequent basis would have my name further down the deepest holes of disgrace. It's so tight around this small BRC that you can't fart and the town folk not talk about your eating habits tomorrow.