TOR's = Silencers???


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Hey guys, I'm looking at the motorcyclegearshop sight and was focusing on the "Silencers" they are offering. Are they the same pipes refered to as the TOR's?

I'm thinking so but don't want to push the "buy" button until completely convienced this is true.

I know there has been much conversing about this subject but I cannot find where there is a defining statement that they (the two terms) mean the same pipes.

Thanks guys.
Oh Well!!!

I waited too long. I guess yesterday was the last day to get any kind of discount from them. As I proceeded through with the purchase, yesterdays prices were updated & the cost went up.

So, I guess the Rocket will still sound kinda quite until I find another deal on pipes.

See ya.
I thought adout the D&D's do they really increase HP's and how loud are they? I gave up loud I like quiet for the most part.:rolleyes:

D&D claims HP increase with their pipes and so do some who were able to compare. My D&D's were on my Rocket when purchased so I can't say. D&D has a before and after dyno graph which shows an increase, but that's like asking Al Gore if there's global warming.:)

D&D's "idle" quiet and "at speed" but "wake up" during acceleration. These will be louder than what you got make no mistake.....but I find them very tolerable.
When I replaced the stock pipes with D&D's and took it in to be tuned there was a slight increase in HP, at least that's what my mechanic told me. Hodax very well described the sound. I still wish they were louder.
TOR pipes are an excellent compromise. Besides the fact that they look like and fit like the original pipes, they produce a deeper, throatier and certainly more authoritative sound, without being LOUD at all. And they are a no-brainer tune-wise. Jamie:cool:

Are you guy's running cats's or bypass's on you D&D's and Jamie your TOR's. I would prefer throaty to high pitch. I have a link to the D&D's is there one running around for the TOR's.
Kept the cat, Paul . Environmental concerns, which I can't totally brush out (derisive feedback expected ;) ). Plus the cat box happens to be an efficient sound dampening device (I have done experiments with the by-pass). Still with the cat on, I sold the TOR's and switched to australian Mad Dog MkII pipes. Just an arguably marginal decibel increase, compared to the TOR's. But with a deeper, somewhat deranged, more rumbling and assertive sound to them. Jamie:cool: