1. Troy

    Best Roadster tune?

    Looking for the best tuneecu tune for 14 roadster with triple k&n filters and free flow single, no cat, exhaust??
  2. Ozarksflyfisher

    2014 Roadster Seat for 07 Classic Tourer?

    Will a single seat from a 2014 Rocket III Roadster fit on a 2007 Rocket III Tourer (actually the special edition Classic Tourer)? Thanks Joe
  3. Rockmonster

    Going to put my Roadster on a diet!

    I’ve decided to put my 2016 Roadster on a diet. Suggestions where I can save weight please? Exhausts obviously. Titanium 3 into 1 with road legal baffle? But where else?
  4. Mark Graham

    For Sale 2015 Roadster (1300 miles). $8400
  5. Camulus

    For Sale Roadster TOR's

    Off my 2013 Roadster, done about 3k miles. VGC, pictures upon request. Shipping from UK.
  6. vzrDean1800

    Want to Buy Roadster fuel tank

    Well, my paint project is taking longer than I'd hoped. Really need to retire from working, so I have more time for hobbies! I'd like to run the run rocket to finish up some mechanical mods, such as ram air, and then fool with and learn about tuneecu. Hard to do when your tank is primer in the...
  7. nasri

    2018 Roadster Richmond, Virgini

    Hello all; in Richmond, Virginia (US); Roadster 2019 from last November. Part of FB group that lead me here. Already completed: crash bars front/back, heated grips, throttle cruise lock, tank pads, second horn, Rizoma mirrors, Carpenter Sidewinders, Ramair Filter changed out turn signals...
  8. Dr.D

    Touring on a Roadster

    It can be done for sure. The issue with traveling on a multiple day trip is carrying the clothes and gear to make the touring acceptable. Here is how you do it with no bags or luggage. Have your wife take the big touring bike to carry all your chit.:p She carries your clothes, pipe bag, rain...
  9. Ishrub

    For Sale Screens new and used Fly , Roadster, Classic - time to thin them out before our spring.

    Screens new and used Fly , Roadster, Classic - time to thin them out before our spring. New: Factory Flys in Claret -CT, Scorched Yellow -FG FLY SCREEN - COLOUR COORDINATED A9748045 - ## Requires Front End Fixing Kit A9738051 SPORTSCREEN A9748048 Requires Front End Fixing Kit A9738051...
  10. Roadster Reggie

    New Roadster guy

    Hi guys, I'm Reggie, bought a 2013 Roadster last year, what a bike!! Clocked up 8,000 happy miles on her since. Been on Rocket groups on Facebook, I have seen a few links to this site so thought I'd join up.
  11. C

    Rocket 3 Roadster review - Long (haha right?).

    TLDR:. The stock (or stockish) R3R is a fantastic bike I never gave quite enough credit to. It is fast enough to challenge nearly any skill level rider through canyons/mountains, handles well enough to thrill, and can easily double most posted speed limits on most corners if ridden well. There...
  12. AJ1

    2016 Roadster with carpenter pipes

    Hi all, I have a R3 with Stock intake Carpenter exhaust pipe Cat box removed It currently runs on Triumph tune for TORS I used booster plug for a a bit. Mileage dropped like a stone. Didnt like it. Removed it. Also, removed the muffler from the carpenter exhaust pipe. Love the sound :)...
  13. dustyroad

    For Sale For Sale: 2016 Rocket III Roadster

    2016 Triumph Rocket III Roadster ABS | European Cycle Sports My son is selling his 2016 Rocket Roadster. Clean, has approximately 5,000 miles. I've included the dealers web site on the bike. Or pm me and I'll give you details. It is also listed on Cycletrader. Thanks for the looks and...
  14. atlsrt44

    For Sale 2018 r3 roadster $10975

    Well as much as I hate to do this I simply dont have time to ride. Poor bike sits way too much so I'd rather sell to someone who will ride it. Bike has always been kept covered in a parking garage our of the elements. Rarely ridden in the rain. Bike has tors,cross pipe, ramair,and ozclaw...
  15. Wade'sWorld

    For Sale 2017 Roadster

    Selling with some remorse, life changes, and all that Jazz. I just purchased this spring with very low miles on it. It now currently sits at just under 2,000 mi. Asking $10,850 Thanks for looking Wade.
  16. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale 2018 Rocket III roadster 500 miles $9800

    2018 Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster
  17. Rob_The_Builder

    Want to Buy DUAL ROADSTER SEAT Part # A9701140

    Anyone has an extra one laying around :D
  18. goncallf

    Change Roadster 2010 to HD Road King Classic EFI 1999

    Hi guy, I have 2 Roadsters, one of 2010 (48000kms) and one 2015 Roadster X. I pretend to sell old one and stay with the X. I was contacted by a guy with a 1999 Road King Classic 88 Inch EFI with 35000km whether I want to make the change because he can´t follow his friends on tour lololol...
  19. tails

    roadster panniers for sale

    givi 37ltr black ally,handles /locks/frame locks these have been made to fit the rocket with,a s,w motech rack,backrest,side pannier rails,the panniers come off in seconds. £450.00 PM ME FOR PHOTOS USED ONE TIME . PLEASE NOTE THESE HAVE SMALL MARKS ETC,THEY ARE NOT BRAND NEW. Birmingham...
  20. FreightTrainIII

    '14 R3R Tune

    Hey everyone! New to the forum after 2 years of R3 ownership and I've recently been lurking in the resources for a tune. I hate to be "that guy" but I can't seem to find a tune for my bike. 2014 R3R. I have a 3-1 Viking exhaust ready to be installed and I am now waiting for PC-V with autotune...
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