1. Fenners

    Can I fit Roadster 300, 801 and 802 exhausts to a 2006 Classic

    Ok here is my growing concern. I will need to replace my sidewinder de-Cat exhaust system with a Triumph CAT system. The thought police are coming and both noise and emissions testing could leave me with a bike that I will not be allowed to ride. With this in mind I would like to have the...
  2. M

    Buying 2015 Roadster

    I will looking at buying 2015 Roadster very soon :) any common problems I should be looking for ? Thank you
  3. Ragnar

    Roadster vs Classic screen, laminar lip fitment

    hi guys I am looking for a laminar lip on my 2006 Classic. Found this: Laminar Products for Triumph Rocket III The seller does not know if the lip for the Roadster will fit my Classic screen. Anybody her konw?
  4. Mhboldt

    Looking for a stablemate for the Roadster.

    Hello all! I've been enjoying the rocket for a few years, and have ridden all over, but prefer more comforts and amenities on the longer trips. I know that there are a lot of captains here that love their Rocket Touring for long trips, and while I appreciate that, it doesn't suit my tastes. I...
  5. Nick Hanning

    Want to Buy Wanted - Roadster rails

    Have an '05 R3 which has forward placed footboards welded to the rails. Have been told I need Roadster rails and associated gear and rear brake parts to bring my foot position back to thhe centre more or less. What has anyone got ? Based in UK but dont mind the postage costs for the right...
  6. Hoppa

    Want to Buy Roadster Rear Wheel

    After a rear wheel to suit a 2015 Roadster, preferably in black. Tyre is not required. Pick up Melbourne or ship to Traralgon, Victoria 3844 Anything out there?
  7. Malcolm B

    Datatool Alarm Movement Sensor 2010 Roadster

    Hi all, is anyone aware how to reduce the sensitivity of the movement sensor...? A butterfly flaps its wings within 100 yards and the alarm goes off. I know it's the movement sensor as when I turn off the alarm it beeps one long beep followed by 3 short beeps. Is it a dealer only fix...??
  8. Martin W.

    For Sale Houston, Texas - 2012 Triumph Rocket III Roadster ABS - 5000 miles, $6999

    2012 Triumph Rocket III Roadster ABS for sale in Houston, Texas Purchased used in 2013, one previous owner Excellent condition, 5000 miles, stored in garage with battery tender (included) Full service at Mancuso in May, previous oil changes done by me, stock tires still in good condition...
  9. Mudbone757

    Sound System for Roadster

    Looking for sounds. Issue: I have the small air screen fitted over top of the instruments. Any suggestions?
  10. Arealrider

    For Sale Selling my 2018 Rocket III Roadster.

    Black with red stripes, 4400 miles. Dual Shortly Outlaw exhaust pipes, Corbin saddlebags and Corbin touring seat. Super clean. 15k or best offer.
  11. TXtriple

    Want to Buy Roadster Gauge Bracket -- US

    Hey y'all...I'm looking for the bracket that the gauges mount to on a later R3R. Tried one from a Classic and it was too short and stainless. I think the later models use aluminum. Thinking someone might have one laying around after switching bars or adding risers maybe. Thanks!
  12. Rockmonster

    Want to Buy Triumph Roadster saddlebags UK

    After the above In very good condition please! Anyone want rid of a set? Thanks
  13. Stillserving

    17 Roadster oil leak

    Hey guys, my 17 Roadster has about 13K on it now. I've already changed the valve cover gasket once for leaking on the right side in the usual spot. I just got a sudden oil leak show up on the left side under the oil tank. Haven't pulled the tank yet to investigate yet anything I should pay...
  14. Brennus

    Want to Buy Rocket X, or post 2010 Roadster, Australia.

    Looking for a Rocket X or Roadster post 2010, in Oz. I'm in Sydney, let me know what you have. Perfect time to cash out your X and make way for your TFC! Can do cash, also have a 5.6M Quinnie classic with walk through front screen and 100HP Yamaha 4 stroke in VGC, loaded with extras, setup for...
  15. 1olbull

    Roadster Fly Screen

    The fly screen on my 4200 mile 2011 Roadster has been removed in Stacy, MN and replaced. It is FREE, just pay shipping or pick up. Just screen-no brackets. If interested, let me know and I shall set up the transfer.
  16. Kevm

    For Sale Roadster Dave Platt cans, link pipe and Ramair - NOW SOLD

    Dave Platt cans, link pipe and Ramair (breather filter isn't in the pic but I have it). I have the Tuneecu map for 2012 Roadster done on a Dyno. You can see the cans fitted on my avatar. £500 for everything including UK mainland shipping. I'd rather sell them together but might split if...
  17. Dalan

    For Sale Corbin Beetle bags and Cee Baily screen for R3 Roadster for sale

    Have Beetle bags and screen for sale. Bought them used. Never installed. Guy I bought them from did not send bolts or keys. I made minor repairs to the bags. I have the install brackets. Other bolts and nuts can be had at NAPA or elsewhere. I have a parts list from Corbin. I paid $400...
  18. BDClone

    2018 Roadster Stock Exhuast

    Is there any interest in stock headers, slip ons, crossover, or complete exhaust? I ordered my carpenter sidewinder exhaust and will be removing the entire system.
  19. Allan S

    GP bikes in Toronto is clearing out Rocket 3 parts at huge discounts

    I'll post the link and have a look for yourself OEM Models - Triumph For example for a roadster: T2501231 INSTRUMENT ASSEMBLY, KPH ALL YEARS 1 Normal price $1280.05 1 only $249.99 these are Canadian dollars. Hope someone finds this useful!
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