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Sep 27, 2006
2014 Roadster
Alright ... so here is the question: Has anyone let their bike run dry? How many miles did you get after the 'low fuel' light came on?
I'm used to just having a reserve tank & switching to it as needed. I'm trying to decide about how many miles I have left when that light comes on .. and remains on (there are the occasional false warnings). This is obviously an approximation, since MPG varies, etc.

When I first got my Rocket, the fuel light came on after one gallon of fuel had been used. When I took it to the dealer for the first service, they did something to adjust it (my dealership is very short on information). Now the light comes on when I have about two gallons left. I figure I have at least 70 miles before I run out (I get at least 35 mph, even when I am heavily loaded and riding very agressively). My fuel light is now somewhat useful, as opposed to absolutely useless when I first got the bike. I think the real solution is to get the fuel gauge, if you don't mind the price tag.
Sorry for the metric measurements, just go and get your converters.
I haven't run her dry but I once had 422kms and then I managed to fit 22 litres into her (tank is 25 litres).
The problem with Triumph fuel gauge is that it works like the fuel light so its as useless as the fuel light, it says empty when the light comes on. It looks good though:), especially if you have both the fuel gauge and the clock.
I have enough experience so I know that when the light comes on I still have at least 7,5 litres left, and I can get plenty with that (meaning over 100 kms).
My low fuel light comes on after 100 to 150 miles have elapsed, depending on how hard I drive and just as important how full I make the tank. If you notice the largest part of the tank is near the top so fill that puppy until a quarter inch of gas is sitting in the cup. Usually I add 3.5 to 4.5 gallons when light comes on.
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Dealership Issue

Even with a good communication with your dealer......things don't always work right the first time. I took mine in on several occasions and each time Triumph told them to recalibrate the fuel sensor. Each time it got better ....but not good enough. Finally, they stood up for me and got Triumph to provide a new fuel sensor system under warranty. Now, when the light comes on, my fuel gauge reads below the start of the red line and I have approximately 1.5 - 2 gallons left. That's close enough (like horse shoes and hand grenades) for me. I don't mind being on the side of caution when the next station might be 50+ miles away.

As discussed in several places, there is a way to bend the sensor arm ( like the arm inside the toliet bowl) for incremental adjustments. The main thing is getting your dealer to represent you and fight for your right to warranty service or replacement.
When I first got the Rocket the light would come on and I still had enough gas for 60 miles...too much. I had it adjusted and now it comes on and I have run it dry afterwards and got 29 miles at 35 mpg. I am having a gas gauge put on this weekend. However Matti is right, it is no better, but at least I have a better idea where I am rather than just waiting for the idiot light to come on. I am not even good with turning off the turn signal and drive people riding behind me nuts, so I am sure there would be a time I would be riding some desolute stretch and not notice the gas light...not good.
Hey Jeredmt,I been away and didn't see you sneak up before but I'll welcome you here and congratulate you on a fine choice of machine.Yea,the fuel light is a crappy indicator,mine comes on after a hundred miles or so,so I just go by mileage after a fill up and reset my trip 2 to 0.0.Then go 200 miles and start shopping for the cheapest I can find.Not that adventurous to see how far I can go before I run out,but venture to guess by the amount left another 20miles
My low fuel light comes on right at 120 miles... which is fine with me. I don't like it to get really low... you can slosh fuel away from the fuel pump pick up which causes the bike to misfire and sometimes die. I did that pulling into a Harley Dealership that was having an open house... almost very embarrasing. I use the low fuel light in conjunction with the trip meter so I have a pretty good idea where I'm at on gas.

I've been monitoring my fuel light/milage situation for sometime now. Yesterday I decided to push it to the limit and ran out of gas about a quarter mile from an exxon station. I was going at a pretty good clip and was easily able to coast up to the pump. Tripmeter was at 185.6 which figures darn close to my 30 miles to the gallon I've been getting since installing the PC III.

Good info guys .. thanks. Mine tends to light up between 100 and 130. And while I don't wantto squeeze every drop out of her, I'm curious to know about how much I may have left w/o worrying about being stuck somewhere looking stupid. :)
So this helps.