1. Mark Graham

    2020 trim recall

    Just heard this from the dealer last weekend. All 2020’s have a recall for some type of trim. Don’t know the complete details as of yet and nothing in the mail at this time.
  2. Tonuts

    Rear tail trim 2013 roadster that will fit with hard mount sissybar

    Hi there . would anyone have a rear tail trim pair for 2013 roadster please thank you to anyone that can point me in the right direction
  3. saddleup

    Want to Buy Trade my Chrome trim pieces for your Black

    I have a Classic with too much chrome. I'm going to get the front fork guards, rear foot peg and muffler hanger bracket cover, rear frame rail covers and headlight bezel rings powder coated black. I'll buy a set of black radiator shrouds from a Roadster. I thought I ask here first in case...
  4. MountainMan

    Want to Buy Front Fender Trim

    I put a nice scratch on the front edge of the front fender of Ol' Blue. Anyone know where I can get a Triumph front fender trim kit (A9708145)? Thanks.