1. brandon0359

    New here just checking in from cleveland ohio.

    looking for mod info exhaust intake tune along those lines
  2. TEXenvy

    Normal intake clatter?

    Being new to a 2005 R3 I'm not sure what is the norm... the bike has a RAM AIR intake and DnD pipes. To me, I hear an awful lot of clatter coming from intake and I need to know if this is normal. I have an open air intake on my other bike and all I hear is a loud suction noise. Please advise...
  3. Tazithman

    Sell me on an exhaust

    Owner of a relatively stock 07' classic except for radio/lights for about the last year. I have been having an issue with he check engine light eliminating but the bike never throws a code and runs fine. Checked with multiple scanners, tried multiple tunes. Even tuneecu shows that the engine...
  4. MIG

    Reason behind OEM air intake plumbing?

    What's the engineering reason behind the way our R3's are piped for the OEM air intake? I've not modified mine yet; but I plan on installing the RAM AIR in the future. I've often wondered this and am thinking maybe it's really a cost-based solution or possibly keeping engine parts below a...
  5. mstraub72

    Thoughts on 1 of 6 intake valves looking filthy?

    Hello again all! Time to pick your collective brains. Quick update: Been slowly doing my first ever cam cover gasket replacement job, and have been taking it crazy slow and make sure everything is bang on spec. That whole entertaining saga is over at: Little advice for first time Cam Cover...
  6. leatal

    Carpenter Intake scoop

    Finally completed the modified scoop. As soon as my painter gets well, I’ll have it painted to match bike or maybe match it to the radiator shroud. Not sure which will look better.
  7. rng3

    Intake air temperature sensor replacement

    The stock Intake Air Temperature sensor (IAT) is mounted in a location to monitor the Air temperature entering the engine. It is one of the several sensors the ECU uses to to determine how much fuel to inject at any given time. When you switch to 3 separate air cleaners such as K&Ns you need to...
  8. Skanska161

    New air intake!

    still need to paint bare claw. K&N 4020s
  9. WyldCFH

    Who makes/made this style intake?

    Saw this pop up on the sidebar, plus a black version a couple weeks ago. This one is copied from @CanberraR3 media. Any clue if they are still made? Or, does anyone have one for sale?
  10. 2005Bober

    Hello Bernie from Columbus Ohio

    Where can I find open butterfly intake for Rocket
  11. atjurhs

    where to find air intake fairings and the fairing below the water cooler

    hi guys, i'm looking for sources of the air intake fairing used after the ramair mod? i'm also looking for the little fairing that goes below the water cooler located below the water cooler behind the front tire, maybe it's called an air scoop, and will it help cool the bike, or just look...
  12. Claviger

    Pipercross Intake Mod

    I've had these on for a while now, mounted and unmounted a few times. They've been very hot, and in very cold near freezing temps. No issues with them, I am putting the revised version up for sale if anyone wants to do a custom project with them. I make no cash off this, it's only being offered...
  13. Jag