1. Valve inspection interval and findings

    Question for iron butt guys with plenty of mileage on their Rockets... anyone has done the valve inspection scheduled for 10k mi or 16k km? Any valve out of specs?
  2. fastfun

    ovesized inlet valves

    Anyone familiar with over-sized inletvalves Rlll ? Where to buy ? Cause I think I f..... those up by lapping them too much :sick: After lapping and testing,(fuel into ports) still leaking,lapping and testing, still leaking,lapp… Anyway,sometimes s...happens.
  3. R-III-R Turbo


    Having trialled a few BOVs, I've found that the TurboXS "RFL" BOV is excellent. The quality is great, it's relatively small so fits in package wise on a motorbike, and the sound is fantastic (it often makes me jizz in my pants). Hard to capture on camera but here is a quick sample of only 3...
  4. mstraub72

    Thoughts on 1 of 6 intake valves looking filthy?

    Hello again all! Time to pick your collective brains. Quick update: Been slowly doing my first ever cam cover gasket replacement job, and have been taking it crazy slow and make sure everything is bang on spec. That whole entertaining saga is over at: Little advice for first time Cam Cover...
  5. Ishrub

    World's first fully digital valves open up engine possibilities

    World's first fully digital valves open up engine possibilities
  6. Rocket Touring - Yoke/Handle bar bushing and Valve clearances

    Hi All I have a 2009 rocket touring Great forum, I'm carrying out a full in-depth service on my bike to restore it back to as new condition. One thing I have noticed is a lot of play on my handle bars they rock back and forth so I'm sure the rubber yoke/handle bar bushing needs replacing...
  7. Bedifferent

    Centerline distance between buckets and valves

    If you have your valve cover off or a spare head laying around, do you know what the centerline distance is between the shim buckets on the rocket. I assume it would be the same as the centerline distance of the valve stems. Just gathering some info for the shim tool. After getting some...
  8. ZoneIII

    What did you find when you adjusted your valves.

    Well, I made another post a minute ago so, while I'm logged in, I'll post another question: For those of you who do your own work (like myself), I'd like to know what you found when you checked valve clearances at 20,000 (or 10,000 miles if you went by the incorrect recommendation in the...
  9. germ79

    20,000 mile service cost

    Guys, I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row for the purchase of a 2014 R3 Roadster. It has 16,000 miles, so it will be coming up on the 20,000 mile service soon. What can I expect to pay for this since it includes valve adjustments? Thank you!