1. hogweed

    Single K&N air filter

    I'm looking into making a custom air box and need someone that actually knows what their talking about( so that rules me out) if they could advise me on what is the smallest K&N filter with a 3" flange size I could use would something like K&N RX-2820 be any good for example.Thanks
  2. Ishrub

    Ram Air pods - nobody using?

    I have seen these and wonder why nobody has apparently given them a go - less than half the cost of a RamAir single piece that has become so popular. @barbagris might know. Do they touch each other when fitted etc? Price: EUR 28.00 Approximately US $33.37 Free shipping world wide Buy It Now...
  3. atjurhs

    where to find air intake fairings and the fairing below the water cooler

    hi guys, i'm looking for sources of the air intake fairing used after the ramair mod? i'm also looking for the little fairing that goes below the water cooler located below the water cooler behind the front tire, maybe it's called an air scoop, and will it help cool the bike, or just look...
  4. Meatyrob

    K&N Air Filtet

    Hi, sorry if this has been covered on here previously..... Is it worth swapping out the standard ait filter on an 09 classic for the K&N Air filter or is it a waste of time? Your thoughts, knowledge and experience are appreciated Rob
  5. Pumbaa

    Need more Air

    Firstly my apologies if this has been asked and answered before, I am still trying to find my way around all the posts. I have already had my air box removed and had the 3 K&N filters installed under my Bear Claw, but have recently been thinking about getting rid of the Bear Claw and doing a...
  6. Babarocket3newbie

    Ramair and Arnott Air Ride install

    Hey guys, So finally got around to installing the Ramair kit and Arnott air ride. So, just followed this youtube video and install took about an hour and it was a fairly easy install. After install, used Tune ECU and a @HansO (master guru) tune and did the 12 minute tune... OMG let me just...
  7. hoopla

    Ram Air, TORs, tune, 12 minute tune

    You might have guessed that I'm doing the change over to Ram, TORs and new tune. I assume I just do a 12 minute tune after installing all of the above, if this is not correct please correct me. Thanks Hoopla
  8. Geoff Smale

    Tuning for Air filter and exhaust change's

    I have read many on many forums over the years people asking questions re the need for re-jetting of carbs on their bikes after fitting less restrictive exhausts and air filter and I totally under stand why as the less restrictive air filter will have an effect on the metering of a carburetor (...
  9. RacerX74

    For Sale K&N AIR FILTER

  10. Rhino

    Nice to be here

    Hello and thanks for having me. I am a big fan of the rocket ,am currently on my fourth and I feel the most comfortable one, an 06 classic. All 3 other rockets were stock. This one I just purchased has pipes and power commander, ran fine when test road and 3 hour ride home. On closer look, seen...