air horn

  1. Allan S

    Need a bit of help wiring a screaming banshee air horn please?

    I installed a screaming Banshee horn in the spot where air cleaner was pre Ramair. The instructions are clear and tell you to run the 2 blue wires to the horn location and connect the" two blue wires to the existing horn wires - it doesn't matter which one goes to which" . I'm not sure how to...
  2. Rogiecrockett

    R3T - What is the bolt for on RH side behind Engine guard?

    I am looking for an alternative mounting location for a Denali Soundbomb Compact Air Horn. The horn is currently mounted where the old horn was and there is not enough room between the bottom of the horn and the top of the front fender - ask me how I know!! Before I go and remove any bolts I...

    Install Stebel Nautilus air horn how to (another one)

    While I was doing my switch relocate I took advantage of the disassembly to install a Stebel (which I do on all my motorcycles) as I like to see cagers pee their pants when they get too close because they are texting and driving... The stock horn is about as wimpy as it gets. A bike like this...