1. mexican

    Bearclaw front bracket?

    Hey gurus, last year i took the bearclaw off to fit the K&N filters, i put it up for future use. Today, i installed tge Ramair system and tried to put the bearclaw back. The rear bolt lines up, the rubber center tabs lines up, the front hole on the bike is about 2” back from the hole on the...
  2. Jonathan Nikolaisen

    Bearclaw cutting

    What did you all use to cut your bearclaw to allow more air to cones?
  3. vindex1963

    My Bearclaw Mod

    Might help a little with performance getting some cool outside air instead of across the engine hot air. 3" hole saw is a ****** to use with no two surfaces being level. I guess the chrome was hard to cut because when I was done the Milwaukee Hole Dozer was destroyed. I also used my Dremel...
  4. steve

    New Exhaust and Bear claw

    Just unpacked my new Exhaust from Les at laidlawmotorsportservices The Exhaust system weighs in at 17lbs Will be fitting over the next few days and will update as I go
  5. vindex1963

    Bearclaw fitment

    Will a bearclaw from a 2018 Roadster fit my 2006 classic?
  6. 1K9

    Want to Buy Roadster BearClaw Wanted

    Looking for a Roadster/Classic Bear Claw to cut and perforate. Anyone have one gathering dust in their garage?
  7. Mikethepie

    Perforated Bearclaw pt 2

    Wow, heaps of views and heaps of comments on my perforated bearclaw 1st post. Some relevant, some not so, lol! I did say that I had had the mod to the bearclaw done, but a number of folk asked me how I had done it. Now as much as I'd like to be able to claim that standard of work in all honesty...
  8. Mikethepie

    Perforated Bearclaw!

    I have had this mod done to my bearclaw. edit 2 - have managed to copy them, thanks phar2slo ! Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed
  9. CrzystghndKC

    Bought Flawless chrome BearClaw

    Looking for a flawless claw if anyone has a spare taking up space.
  10. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Installing RamAir filter ... Should I cut the BearClaw for better airflow ?

    My new RamAir filter is scheduled to arrive Monday. Going to install right away and download one of the tunes in resources. I have the 3 pipe TORs, Triumph cat eliminator and a Dobeck Performance AFR Plus. If I can get the time off from work going to join RAA West to do some dyno tunng at...
  11. Jallen3.14

    Want to Buy Chrome bearclaw

    The previous owner powdercoated the bearclaw on my Rocket, and I love the looks of the chrome. Wondering if anyone who's put pods on wants to sell theirs. Found a few on ebay, but they're all either too expensive or have rash or dents.
  12. MacGyver

    Looking for the large K&N filter kit and adapted Bear Claw

    Hi all There are two sizes of K&N filter conversions. I need the part numbers for the larger set and where are the carbon (or similar) fibre Bear Claws (that fit the large K&N) available from? There will also need to be a new coolant tank mounted to my Dresser Bar so need that also please...
  13. hogweed

    Want to Buy WANTED Bearclaw (UK)

    Anyone got a Bearclaw in the UK for a Rocket III for SALE?
  14. barbagris

    Want to Buy BearClaw (UK)

    Just on the off chance - does anybody in the UK have an OEM bear claw they don't want.? If so pls PM with price. I am looking for something to cut about. If I cant find a steel one I'll just make another fibre copy. I'm over in the UK for a a couple of weeks in Sept. PS - Yes I know there...
  15. Curtiss02

    For Sale Triple K&N and Custom Bearclaw

    Got this and put it on but decided I liked the look of the original better. $300 firm shipped inside the US.
  16. outriders58

    Bear Claw, RamAir

    I'm looking for the one who makes the Bear Claw. I'm thinking that is what it is called. It's the custom air intake on the side. with the hole for air flow. Can someone steer me in the right direction.
  17. Blackthou

    Question 1 RamAir and Bearclaw

    I noticed today when removing the bearclaw it had been compressing the outer foam on the RamAir filter. Double checked everything and the only way I could get it to all clear was to remove the centre rubber on the bearclaw where it hooks on the tank. Anyone had similar findings and if so how...
  18. Pumbaa

    Need more Air

    Firstly my apologies if this has been asked and answered before, I am still trying to find my way around all the posts. I have already had my air box removed and had the 3 K&N filters installed under my Bear Claw, but have recently been thinking about getting rid of the Bear Claw and doing a...
  19. kingmerle

    Painting Bearclaw ?

    Ive always disliked the chrome bearclaw and have considered painting it for years. I gone through a lot of the member gallery and only see where guys have repainted it when they modified it when they added the intake filters that are exposed. I was just wondering if anyone has repainted the...
  20. NCJack

    Bearclaw Question

    I have a new-to-me 2013 R3R that I recently purchased without the bearclaw. I ordered an OEM replacement bearclaw, and the front mounting bracket on the bearclaw doesn't match up to screw hole placement on the front underside of the tank. I wonder if my bike could be missing a front mounting...