My Bearclaw Mod


Aug 3, 2019
Payson Arizona
2006 Rocket 3, 2015 Victory Cross Country
Might help a little with performance getting some cool outside air instead of across the engine hot air.
3" hole saw is a ****** to use with no two surfaces being level. I guess the chrome was hard to cut because when I was done
the Milwaukee Hole Dozer was destroyed. I also used my Dremel and a carbide end mill to rough the holes imperfections then a sanding wheel to clean them up. I used 1/8" hole size stainless perforated sheets and cut the screen just over the hole size. The Claw was scuffed with a sander and primed. I'm going to paint the Claw with black truck bed liner and over that use Plasti-Dip. The screens will be painted as close as I can to the red of the bike. Should have a really good look.


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The screens are just a mock up for now.


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OHHHH ok, im looking for options to make my filters look good
Have a stock one 'X'ed.

No holes or just slotted for your big K&Ns. Bare metal or a Black roadster one.
Do the Grinder swirls as stripes and then clear coat.
Or..... get my NOS RocketX rear fender and make that custom flyscren and use the rest for a custom bearclaw. ;)
R3R X Rear guard 1.jpg
R3R X Rear guard 2.jpg
R3R X Rear guard 3.jpg
R3R X Rear guard 4.jpg
R3R X Rear guard 5.jpg

There are a few bear claws around, I think I even saw a factory bare metal version with its own part number once.
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Looks great!!! What size filters can you fit in there?
3" ..... but its the length that counts! ;):roll::roll::roll:

You still need to have them line up with the TB holes either directly or offset as available from K&N and others Tapered cones may be best.
I recently re-posted Mittzy's great drawing and measurements of the throttle body spacing, diameter and spacing etc..