Perforated Bearclaw pt 2


Who dares - gins.
Nov 16, 2018
Blenheim, New Zealand
Standard - ish! R3
Wow, heaps of views and heaps of comments on my perforated bearclaw 1st post. Some relevant, some not so, lol!
I did say that I had had the mod to the bearclaw done, but a number of folk asked me how I had done it. Now as much as I'd like to be able to claim that standard of work in all honesty my conscience wouldn't let me!! If I had done it, it would have been a right old dogs breakfast!
Murf's Metalworx in Blenheim New Zealand deserve all the credit for it, I simply had the idea, so big ups to them.
Finally of f on a trip to take the bike for a tune up on a dyno, power commander arrived, 02 sensor elimator also, ramair fitted and bike already has Cycleworkz pipes, so will see what the old girl puts out, more than the wife hopefully lol!
Many, many thanks to @Tal and @phar2slo for their help in sorting me out with panniers and a rear tyre (there are no rear tyres in stock anywhere in NZ at present it seems!), you guys have been awesome. Theres some good buggers on this site helping each other out.

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