1. 301738543_2000240780163332_7780715477654714922_n.jpg


    My 2010 rocket 3 hybrid as in its got 2009 and 2010 parts must have been a cross over. Its got 2009 clocks and exhausts (3 of em) but is first registered in 2010. Bloody confusing when trying to get bits for it lol
  2. Plow Horse

    Crossover pipe Manufacturer?

    Can anyone identify the manufacturer of this crossover pipe from the picture. what I know about it is, that it came from Australia and its stainless steel. I‘m just curious.
  3. Plow Horse

    Crossover pipe

    I have a 2017 Roadster that I am going to put K&N filters (2780’s under the claw) and TORs on. Remap with Hans0 tune for 2014+ Roadster, TORs, triple/Ramair filters, ect.. Install a PC-V and have it dyno tuned at a shop. Two questions for you folks that know way more than I do. 1. Is this...
  4. CrzystghndKC


    Asking the group for tune recommendation. Actually already have 20355 (John Miller) from the group resources. Is this what I need great. But I do need the notes that are with the download file. I guess you don't get them with the tuneecu Android version or can someone supply the updated tps...
  5. Tal

    Tors and crossover

    will be selling these very soon...anyone interested? Great condition.
  6. Starmanut

    FYI: D&D Touring Pipes + Crossover For sale in UT

    Just saw this yesterday. Thought I'd pass it on. Triumph Rocket R3T D&D Exhaust + Crossover $600. A bit pricey, but a bit rare, too.
  7. EM549

    Want to Buy R3T exhaust crossover

    I would like to buy an exhaust crossover to be used with my TORs. I have a 2008 R3T. Let me know if you have something that might fit the bill.
  8. Journeyman

    For Sale Freeflow crossover pipe - Viking Exhaust $325 shipped

    I have the black crossover pipe from Paul Bryant that has been on my Roadster since May 2019. Paid $405 and looking to get $350 (shipping included in the continental U.S.). I'll add a photo of the actual pipe soon, but other than cosmetic changes from being in use for just 5 months on the...