New Exhaust (Viking Exhaust) w. Ram Air - Need a Map / Advice


.060 Over
May 19, 2018
New York City
Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster 2018
The time has come, a year ago this forum helped me find an awesome exhaust system, which let me to @Paul Bryant . I have a Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster 2018. @barbagris , I was wondering if you have some insight on the questions I have. You helped me last year with the Ram Air Kit and its been great. During this time the bike has run very lean, which is to be expected with the stock headers still on. The full system is on its way, and I need help with not messing it up when it comes to the map.

I still find myself as a total beginner, I've never mapped anything before, and I'm really unsure how. Here are my questions:

1) As a starting point, I was told to go to the resources page and load a tune into the bike, what do I need to load in a tune and how?

2) I've heard of Dyno tuning before but never been to one. Does anyone know of a good company near New York that does Dyno Tuning? I've heard of Carpenter Racing, the're in NJ but never dealt with them before.

3) If or when I get my bike Dyno tuned, is it possible that if I take it to a dealership and for someone they reset the computer, would that delete the tune?

4) I was suggested to get the Power Commander V w. PCV & AT, along with a suitable base map. If I go this route, there are many Power Commander V's, which one do it get.

I apologize for the list of questions, I'm doing research as I go so I'll probably find the answer to these questions soon, but I figured I would throw them here as well as I search for them. Thank you for reading.