dual touring

  1. Ishrub

    For Sale **SOLD** on eBay 08-16 Triumph Rocket III Corbin Dual Touring Seat

    Not mine, but could interest some. 08-16 Triumph Rocket III Corbin Dual Touring Seat | eBay
  2. chocksa

    For Sale SOLD R3 Touring Corbin Seat

    Selling Corbin Dual Touring seat. Bought the seat for my 2015 R3 Touring hoping it would lower my seating height. Unfortunately it did not. Decided to go a different direction. Seat is like new. Less than 500miles on it. Will sell for $300 or best offer.
  3. germ79

    SOLD! Corbin Dual Tour Saddle for 2004-2016 NON-Touring

    Friends, I’ve switched my saddle over to a Corbin Fast Gun, as I’ll always be riding solo. So now I have the Corbin Dual Tour seat available for sale. I almost kept it, as they seem difficult to find used, but I think I’m going to quite enjoy the solo saddle and hopefully someone else can...
  4. Anomaly

    Want to Buy R3T Seat

    Looking to buy a seat pan for my 2015 R3T. If anyone has a seat (preferrably the dual longhaul) which perhaps isn't in the best shape, or you don't care about, please let me know. I'm 17,000 miles on my R3T and I think it's time for a new seat. I'm trying to avoid buying a brand new $450 seat...