1. hooky

    warranty issue , fork lowers.

    Had issue with my fork lowers and what i call vaining , when you get white threads on the alloy under the lacuer. Only done 1600 miles all in the dry and its been garaged all winter. No problems with the dealer or triumph new set sent out and date booked to have them fitted . Rang dealer today...
  2. Rocket Scientist

    Progressive Fork spring Install (revisited)

    Hi all, was all set to do my Progressive fork spring install today. There was a really nice tutorial on the .com site (which is still down). Does anybody have a copy of that procedure on their computer they could send to me ? I have the special tools (on loan, thanks Navigator) but would feel...
  3. F

    Rockett III Front Forks Legs Disassembling

    Hi I am in the process of stripping the bike down to have some work done. Part of that work is having the cast front wheel mountings that are located on the lower forks re-polished as the lacquer has started to crack. I have stripped the forks all the way down to the tubes but am unable to...
  4. Micksan

    Fork oil

    I am putting together a little cheat sheet , along with services done . More or less a log book. I do this on all of my bikes . Not only helps to keep track of what has been done & when , but is very helpful when I get ready to sell. I found the portion on Fork Oil;. Say it is SAE 0 weight...
  5. HellFire

    Progressive fork spring install

    About to install progressive fork springs, obviously don't have the Triumph special tool to compress the shim. I made the keeper out of sheet steel, so I have that part ready to go. Does anyone have a better idea than 1/4 drive extensions inserted into the shim holes as a substitute for the...
  6. S

    Front Fork Oil Capacity

    Hey All...I am having a local (non Triumph) shop change out my fork springs...Anybody know how much fork oil it takes? Ive looked online and cant seem to find it... I did get some info that 10WT is the way to go! Thanks...
  7. T Evans

    Changing front fork springs?

    Has anyone tackled changing out their front fork springs? After my last trip of 1200 miles over in Arkansas last weekend. I found my front forks bottoming out on me several times. The Progressive front springs I understand are the choice of most everyone. Is this a project that someone can do...
  8. S

    Changing front fork springs

    Is it a bid deal to change? I tried a search about how to change them and came up empty.
  9. B

    Trailer tie down for the R3T forks

    Hello. Just bought my 1st Triumph- R3T 2008. My soft ties won't fit around the triple tree without scuffing the fork chrome covers. Suggestions please. Love the bike, so much like the Valks that I owned previously with much more power. :)
  10. Sidecar Flip

    Popped a fork seal.......

    As luck would have it, I have a weeping fork seal on the right side. I firse noticed the brake disc getting oily and looked closer. Had a bit of oil laying on the caliper mounting boss and the telltale oil/crud on the slider.:( Time for seals. Well, maybe after ES. Looks like it's going to...
  11. Blacked forks

    Blacked forks

  12. hombre

    Wilbers Front Fork Springs

    Dropped Wilbers front fork springs in today, and am very pleased with the new spring rate. I use Wilbers rear shocks that have been re-set for the CF wheel mass by Klaus at Wilbers, but the stock Triumph front fork springs would "sag" in fast sweeping corners. The Wilbers front springs are much...
  13. T

    Fork deflectors

    Does anyone have fork deflectors on their Rocket? I had them on my VTX and loved them. I have seen the clear plastic ones that Triumph offers but would like to have metal chrome ones? There are various universal ones but I have no idea if they would work. If anyone has tried these and knows a...
  14. TxRIIIRider

    Fork mounted tool bag pics

    I finally got around to posting some pics of my Rocket including the tool bag that I mounted in place of the horn cover. It may not be for everyone, and I wasn't sure at first, but I think it looks really good..
  15. vonbonds

    Traxxion Dynamics - Fork Suspension Work

    Hey guys, I am emailing with Traxxion Dynamics located in Woodstock, GA (near Atlanta). I am thinking of taking my bike down so they can disassemble the forks to see what kinds of services/products they can offer us. I need to work out the details with them before I set a date but I would...
  16. vonbonds

    Fork Oil

    Has anyone replaced their fork oil yet? If so is the procedure hard? I was looking at the service manual and it mentions special tools to remove this and that....I was hoping to simply replace the oil without removing the components from the forks themselves. I am doing this because my...
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