1. asilak

    Want to Buy R3Touring front fork

    Hi all. I am looking for a front fork for Touring (or tubes for it). Regards Sergo
  2. asilak

    Front fork Touring

    Read somewhere that the front suspension for Touring was developed by Kayaba. Looking for the fork assy or for it's parts, can't find anything. Could anyone assist? At least regarding Kayaba and Part numbers. Thanks Sergo
  3. EasTexRIII

    Front Fork Seals/Prog Springs

    I'm doing the change over to Progressive springs. So I have them apart, new 7W oil, new seals in. the manual says to put oil level at 89 mm from upper edge of fork tube, with fork fully compressed. OR, Alternatively just put in 667 cc's of fluid. In my feeble mind, since the forks were...
  4. martym52

    Hey all; does anyone know the fork oil capacity in cc's for the Touring forks?

    As I am changing the fork oil in my beast, the only thing I have found in the manual is 110mm below the top of the tube compressed. Does any one have other information? Thanks to all in advance!
  5. hogweed

    front fork seals

    Is there a thread about changing the front fork seals /springs showing the tools needed.Cheers
  6. Old N' Grumpy

    Front Fork Oil Weight?

    I am replacing my Roadsters front springs and rear shocks with Progressives. After looking in the owners manual and doing a search (albeit fast) I cannot find the stock front shock oil weight which is what Progressive calls for. Help please.
  7. Paul Bryant

    Fork Seals

    O.K. Folks, so what is the general advice on "how to" changing the fork seals ?
  8. ZoneIII

    Is fork dipping when front brakes applied at very slow speed normal?

    I know this sounds like a dumb question but I've been curious about this since buying my new R3T a few months ago and I thought I'd finally ask other R3T owners to see if this is normal. My R3T front forks will dive (compress) sharply even when applying the front brake even while pushing it...
  9. RichRIII

    Front fork preload

    i am another big dude on a tourer. I wanted to ask if anyone has shimmed the front springs to add preload and if so, the results. Back in my dirt bike days certain fork kits came with thick walled pvc to trim and put under the fork caps. Per Race Tech, the bike comes with a .78 rate spring and...
  10. dougl

    Fork Seals

    My dealer is taking forever to get them. Anyone know of a source in the US?
  11. Virginia Rocket

    Replaced Fork Seals - Surprise

    Replaced the fork seals today, all went according to directions found here on the R3 forum, thanks for the instructions guys. Replaced the springs with Progressives that I got off of eBay for $70. My big surprise was that on one of the seals, there were no springs and on the other one, just...
  12. JSHRAM

    Maxton fork cartridges GP30 in USA?

    After my first 1200 miles on the girl, I do believe she needs new garters... there are lots of options for the rear, but not the front. It seems clear to me that the front needs more than springs, it needs better valving. While the ride was OK on the big slab, corners left it wallowing. Why...
  13. Zen2osho

    hard front suspension after fork oil change

    After changing in the front forks (both) and took the bike for a ride?the suspension is harder than before and the handlebar bounces small when the bike enters potholes?? Measured 667 ml as mentioned in the manual and poured d oil . Will the suspension get soft on riding few miles ???? Did...
  14. TheWhingnut

    Hello from San Diego CA soon to be Norfork Va

    Hello everyone happy thanksgiving! I purchased my first Triumph yesterday and I looking foward to see you guys out on the road. I'm currently in San Diego but will be heading to Norfolk va in Dec.
  15. Phil Barnett

    Fork issue?

    So I went to the garage this morning and found what appears to be some sort of seal or gasket on the right front fork. Is this something that is easily replaced and can it be ridden with this piece missing?
  16. S

    Recondition fork tubes

    Hello there Im just wondering if anybody has had any experience with rechroming their fork tubes and also coating them in black? If so, what price am I looking at? Thanks
  17. 1olbull


    With the exception of the black color, Are the front forks on the Roadsters the same as those of the earlier Classic and Standard? Thinking about having the silver on my Roadster.
  18. W

    White Plastic Ring, R# Touring Front Fork:

    Pulled my '08 Rocket III Touring out of the garage. Noticed a white plastic ring around the lower leg, above the fender. Ring is about a 1/4" top to bottom, thin and fragile, bigger dia than the fork tube, smaller than the upper fork tube cover. The ring obviously fell down from within the upper...
  19. subtle

    front forks lower boot does it come off.

    gid aye all just got my second rockets motor refitted after the gearbox fix.running well . The mate I bought her from broke a front guard bolt mount from the lower boot . Has anyone ever pressed off the alloy outer from the fork tube. have a couple of spares bent forks as donors if they can...
  20. nolton

    Fork seal replacement

    First I would like to thank R3Tex, Hanso and Mike for helping me with this job. They actually pushed me out of the way because they were curious about it. It was all fun anyway !! Great friends. I'm sure one person could do this job but two make it much easier. First, the tools. The manual...
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