Standard Bore
May 24, 2022
Does anyone have a source for the fork bushings in the upper portion of the fork leg? The lower ones just north of the seals are damaged Ordered some for a touring edition by mistake and the OEM doesn't show it as an available part in the parts diagram.
Unfortunately Triumph doesn't show the part in their diagram. I have a set of bushing from Race tech that are the correct ID. I may have to machine a shim to take care of the O.D issue. The cross section of the bushing isn't thick enough.
Machining a thin shim might be a bit difficult by the looks of the photo.
I would look at possibly a speedy sleeve but I think the chance of the right thickness would be next to no chance.
Your best option may be to machine the fork recesses out and make a thicker sleeve. I always semi finish the bush
and finish bore it after fitting the sleeve.
I did my top bushes a few years ago,took the old ones out measured and just found some the same ,they are a common size. Obviously Triumph don’t think the inner bushes ever need replacement as they’re not listed, you would have to purchase a new fork leg unless anyone knows of a different option?
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