Thinking about trading my Indian Challenger for a new Rocket.


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Jun 10, 2007
Forest City Illinois
07 Rocket
Well, i was reading the reviews and it says almost 100lbs lighter than the old rocket. I love my 15 X but wouldn't mind a new version sitting next to it:)
Go sit on one see how it feels. Then start thinking which one or what combination do you want. Sice you have a height disadvantage might need R foot pegs with the GT pullback bars. Thats what I thought when I sat on one.
Good luck my friend


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Dec 20, 2015
Christchurch, New Zealand
2020 Triumph Rocket 3 GT...Black.
...good move Mr Mexican....FWIW...
I test rode an 'R' model from the gitgo ...loved it... but because i was leaning forward a tad, my hands got pins and needles a bit, especially the right hand...i loved the fact my feet were below me cos that's what i was used to.
My mind went to the GT for a number of wasn't easy tho.
Firstly, the GT had stock heated grips, backrest for passenger/luggage,handlebars were back a bit more making it more comfortable for me, the seat is a cruising seat...real comfy!..the rims have a brushed aluminum spoke look compared to the 'R' having solid black...both look good to me tho....I was concerned about my feet being forward but i gotta say i got used to that in a day or two...its a great sitting position, my heels rub the ground on the odd occasion but its not a big thing. The foot pegs have three positions...middle or forward and back an inch from middle...easy to change too. The 'R' pegs move up an inch from middle or down from middle an inch.
These bikes are another level Mexican, and you will be surprised at how light they are to maneuver...especially in traffic. Two up they are a breeze.
If you are into cruising,,,as i think you are...i think the Gt is the one....
Good luck.
P.S......just been out for a two hour ride again today over twisties and back...picking the right gear is the key for tight, slow corners as there is power to burn if you want to accelerate out of them....if youre hot into a corner a quick button off and back on it and the bike realigns itself instantly...a nice smooth transition.
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Kevin frazier

Dec 22, 2018
2008 Triumph rocket 3 touring
Youre gonna need this to ride with Neida


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